Pinkie Pie!!!!

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    Soon my friend, soon... :D

    doopydoopinkie.jpg I love my birds! thanks groErr!

    dinopinkie.jpg Raptors are definitely one of the funnest parts of my life, very exhilerating hobby :)
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    Im waiting to be more settled before i start that journey but it is one that i must take... if that makes any sense... deep connection with those raptors..
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    Dude I had forgotten about the Falconary! That my friend is bad ass!!! Beautiful bird. How manys kills on a good outing? Oh and the ladies are lovely...:weed:

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    Yeah I wont sugar coat it, its an expensive hobby to get into and its very time consuming but if you like me and dont go out partying or anything like that and love working with animals theres seriously nothing that will give you the experience of having that wild bird come back to you for the first time its fuckin magic hahaha

    well it kinda depends, its just like any other form of hunting except theres an added variable of unpredictability in the bird vs. a gun but you can basically rack up as many kills as the bird is willing to work for and availability of quarry allows, they arent like humans that kill for fun tho so as soon as they are full theyll start acting like assholes and not hunting lol I should be able to get 3-6 birds per outing if I have his weight dialed in right.

    Heres a video of me and my first redtail Magua looking for bunnies, didnt find any so he started gnoshing on a rotting coon skull hahaha still a fun outing.

    Heres a vid of me working with the new guy, hes very fiesty! probably the most aggressive bird Ive ever had lol

    crazypinko.jpg 20161221_115436.jpg
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    Seedlin Well-Known Member

    :p:p:p Yep looks like ya got a good one there. He's probably just trying to establish lines...
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    AutoNorCal Well-Known Member

    Any naners from the treated female, your trying to breed?
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    bf80255 Well-Known Member

    @AutoNorCal Yup! All 4 of my *select Pinkies are starting to show ballsacks!

    Will update with pics soon, Life is really kickin my ass right now lol View attachment 679559 but everything is still going smoothly!

    Group 1
    Finally started seeing balls on my CS treated plants!!!! The MH bulb is really not doing as well in flower as I had hoped but its not horrendous, just not what I would like to see, will definitely go 100% HPS next run.

    Group 2
    Some of these girls are already shaping up to be very special plants and have even outpaced some of the low yielders from group 1, everybody is extremely colorful... so much so I can barely tell which mom (light purple) they came from, if not for labeling, looks like dad passed on a lot of his traits (dark purple)

    Starting to get annoyed with the fungus gnats and whiteflies, considering a little organic pesticide application just to keep the populations in check till I finish out this run but I really hate using anything, Id rather just finish up and start fresh if I can :D

    bf80255 Well-Known Member

    Group 2 UPDATE!!!! Day 40
    @Seedlin suggested I make a video so I snapped a quick 1 minute run through of the group 2 gals while my lights were off.

    Stable traits
    -Purple/Pink buds
    -Green leaves (easier to diagnose illness)

    Gets me really excited going into the F8!!!! :D

    UPDATE Group 1 Day 73
    Male parts forming on all 4 plants that I have been treating with the Tmist, still spraying once a day until I start collecting pollen. I will probably use all 4 reversed females pollen on seperate plants and pollinate all plants to properly smoke test and then select for next generation. I will more than likely run some more F6 Aline to get more of the pink vs dark purple bud but overall the project is coming along very well and I am extremely satisfied with the results!!!

    20161231_080943.jpg 20161230_202208.jpg 20161231_133119.jpg

    After lots and lots and lots ( I really really mean it) of searching I think I have finally decided on the pperfect line of autos to make my first official Pinkie Pie cross with... its another pink budded, sativa dom, highly inbred, frosty as shit, pink pistiled auto!!!! More updates to come! stay tuned! ;)

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    AutoNorCal Well-Known Member

    The progress is very impressive!

    bf80255 Well-Known Member

    I always love the look when the leaves start curling over, thick with trichs and you can catch glimpses of that striking purple peeking out from under, very pretty IMO.


    Heres My selection for the dark Mamma, shes extremely resinous and produces some very nice buds, unfortunately all the plants I grew out under the MH have a looser bud structure than I care for but im positive had she been grown under an HPS shed be a monster. Aromas: Pronounced Berry, light Cheese, very light menthol on the finish.

    Shes got the smell, color, size, vigor, and bud structure im after :) so shes passing on her genes!
    Here she is around day 70 (pollinated and CS'd Branch)

    IMG_20161224_162229_096.jpg IMG_20161230_082555_209.jpg

    Here is my selection for Pink Mamma
    This girl really is the full package Ultra resinous, Fantastic aromas, beautiful bud structure, Pink buds shes an all around winner in my book! will use her on a couple of nice Group 2 females to test progeny and see how they come out.

    Aroma:Citrus, Berry, Cheese
    Day 70ish
    See the pips towards the bottom of the pic?
    IMG_20161230_062345_757.jpg IMG_20161225_120713_634.jpg
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    bf80255 Well-Known Member

    Heres a nice Group 2 female at day 40 starting to form up
    Some lower nugs off of a random F7 group 2

    another random gal forming up

    And my Jameson bottle girl in her last days of development.


    Notice on all my plants how even when the flowers are near black, the leaves will always be green, this is because colored leafs make it too hard to diagnose pest and disease issues so I have selected towards green leaves over the prettier autumn colors.
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    So I clipped the reversed branches off of 3 of 4 of my treated females, scrapped darkstars (not a big yielder) and kept the ideal one going since its just starting to form male parts. These 2 gals on the other hand are already starting to open up and will begin dropping pollen soon. Placed both in a cup of water under a cfl bulb with a white piece of paper beneath, now to wait :)
    20170105_132008.jpg 20170105_131950.jpg 20170105_170911.jpg

    notice how 1 is pink and the other is purple? did that for a reason ;)

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    bf80255 Well-Known Member

    Group 2 update
    Cleaned up the lower crap that was just dying and creating space/attracting bugs (normally I do it a bit earlier but Ive been swamped :/ still no excuse tho) took all the girls out and did individual pics to document and reorganized them under the light after I raised it a bit. I also removed all the bud sites up to 6 inches above the soil (I use my thumb and pinkie, outstreched as a makeshift ruler) so I dont get a bunch of scraggly useless popcorn buds later on and the plants can divert energy to the main cola and fat side nugs.

    20170105_083107.jpg 20170105_083101.jpg 20170105_083055.jpg

    I also transplanted the 3 cup girls I had into 1 gallons to grow to there max potential (fuck anybody who says not to transplant autos!!! :P )

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    Remember me?
    20170105_082330.jpg Just in case anyone forgot, this was a late transplant (auto haters!) 20170105_082257.jpg
    20170105_082524.jpg 20170105_082239.jpg
    Day 75 of the Jameson grow, IDK how much longer ill be taking her but shes still packin it on so for now ill keep her goin....
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    One of the gals from the lineup. I will be making these little collages of the individuals and posting as I go but I just havent had a lot of time to sit down and make them, still... heres the first one :D Plant #11
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    Okay guys as promised, I finished the layouts of each plant at day 40 (20/4 the past few weeks)
    and I wanted to share them with yall so without further ado, here they are. lemme know what your guys opinions are or which plants you might have selected for breeding, aromas havent fully developed just yet so I want to save the smell test for a few more weeks but Ill do fresh layout of them at day 60, 70, 80 and maybe 90. There are a few that have lost there name tags and the 3 cup transplants too but none of them were anything special so i said meh and skipped them lol.

    oh and btw for me its lookin like #5 and #11 are pulling ahead of the pack superexcitepink.png

    IMG_20170107_122543.jpg IMG_20170107_122656.jpg IMG_20170107_122820.jpg IMG_20170107_152241.jpg
    sorry about the picture quality my camera sucks
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    bf80255 Well-Known Member

    IMG_20170107_152503.jpg IMG_20170107_152619.jpg IMG_20170107_173116.jpg IMG_20170107_173308.jpg
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    Hey guys! so ive been thinking a lot lately and I want to make a more efficient system for growing big autos with minimal space wasted, one of the big setbacks is the transplanting issue and I feel like I may have finally figured out a way around it. I am also trying to find the most efficient way to grow single cola "lollipop autos" to grow in between vegging photos and a more efficient system for my tote grows.

    I know burning plastic is a 1 way ticket to cancerville so I covered my mouth and nose with a baklava with a rag underneath before I got to work.

    20170107_125431.jpg 20170107_212203.jpg 20170107_212308.jpg
    This took me quite a bit of time but I made holes in 50 recycled cups (from old grows) and found a stack of cups that they fit into so now I have planted my 24 hour soaked F6 beans that I will be selecting from into the cups and we wait :D

    the Citrus dominant line was first to show taproots and already has 1 plant above ground today. Cheese doms a bit slower to get goin.

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