Plant is growing these things.


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I dunno maybe i'm wrong but I didn't know female plants have sacks or I'm just not seeing it right lol.



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What “things” are you talking about? Looks like a flowering female plant. No offense, but is this your first time?
Yes it is my first time. Not doing it for anything serious just wanted to give it ago and see what happens. But the things I'm referring to are in the first picture. There's the stem and leaves and something is growing in the middle with white looking hairs and such. They're growing all over and idk exactly what that means or what stage I'm at and what I'm suppose to do with watering and light. Etc.


I'm talking about these that I circled.
Those would be you buds in a few months. No need to worry. The white “things” are called pistils. After weeks they will turn orange-brownish and curl. This too is normal. Do a google search of bud flowering stage week by week or smthing….


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Is it some new trend to have as little knowledge as possible before undertaking a grow? Do people just wake up one day having never smoked or looked at a marijuana plant and just decide to grow a plant?

I must have been some type of genius to type in "marijuana plant" 20 years ago and do five minutes of reading about the plant I was about to smoke lol.

Imagine someone growing tomatoes and asking what the tomato is and whether it's a problem's just strange. People should really do one minute of research before planting a seed just to save themselves this ridiculous anxiety that goes around here. Constantly stressing 24/7 about what is going to happen next because they have no idea about the basic anatomy and life cycle of a plant you chose to grow.

It's just bizarre to see someone who I assume smokes weed, and has a whole internet of resources ask what the buds are on his female marijuana plant. This place makes me feel better and better about my limited knowledge on a daily basis.