Police chiefs across Canada advocate for decriminalization of illicit drugs for personal use

Rob Roy

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When they stop arresting people for all victimless crimes, you'll know they're serious.

They can't have it both ways and blame their actions until the laws change on "just doing my job", that's a copout. (yes, that was a pun)


I grew up in London. I sold weed from 13 and started selling crack and heroin at 15 and as is the fashion for us Londoners went all over U.K. from oxford to Norfolk to Scotland to sell this stuff and with heroin addicts as time went on I realised something, a lot of these people are bored and heroin addiction wasn’t just about the drugs but it gave them purpose in life, to wake up to hustle to score to repeat and in a way it does the same to the dealers because for all the plugs and super trappers I met throughout the years I didn’t see one get rich, I saw some get close but then get caught and get long sentences and as far as rehab and all that shit goes I didn’t see one junkie actually get clean from it. I see junkies wake up one day and say they’ve had enough don’t text em no more delete there number and that’s it they rattle and move on with there lives and u see them months later shopping with misses or some shit like that, in my opinion decriminalisation ain’t the awnser because as long as kids growing up in bad areas best opportunity is to sell drugs and fight over them and bored people out of London find purpose in life with hard drugs the negativity associated with these substances won’t go away. Shit needs to be legal, a junkie should be able to go to the chemist and get what they need at a price with a reasonable not hyper inflated profit. For some people crack and heroin is a part of who they are they may never quit but for them to be more productive to society they should be able to purchase it safely and the price should be affordable as it would on normal working wages in a legalised world. I got friends dead and locked up for years a lot of us ain’t stupid it’s just we grow up In an environment where the most successful people we see are selling crack and at 14 they offer u 500 a week to go to the countryside and sell it for them and then a few years go by and then your the guy sending other kids to do it and until legalisation happens forcing people into different avenues and removing this one it will never end. Fuck decriminalisation legalise it and let’s move on this will be remembered as a stain on human history