Police ramp up efforts to shut down illegal pot dispensaries in Toronto

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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    this is going to be a shit show

    Police used a hammer and a crowbar to smash the locks and pry open the front door.

    Once inside, they didn't find any employees, but they did find a few hundred grams of marijuana.

    Last week, police raided the California Cannabis dispensary at 1608 Weston Road for the fifth time in less than three months. Each time they seized a number of items inside, including computers, cash and, of course, all of the pot.

    But as police step up their campaign to shut down illegal storefront cannabis operations, last week's raid underscores a frustrating reality for law enforcement. They've been able to close the dispensaries and charge hundreds of employees. But the businesses seldom stay closed and the majority of charges are dropped.

    "We've actually watched them go out and get new monitors the next day, new Bell lines for their Wi-Fi," said Sergeant Todd Storey of 12 Division. "So they're up and running on the internet, so they can tell their customers what they have, where they are, and that they are open."

    An officer from 12 Division pries open the front door at the California Cannabis dispensary on Weston Road. (Joe Fiorino/CBC News)

    But Storey, who says officers seized financial ledgers from the shop that indicated they were taking in upwards of $7,000 dollars a day, told CBC Toronto police are stepping up their efforts to shut California Cannabis,, and storefronts like it, down for good.

    "We're taking all the signage, we're taking all the cameras, we're taking all of the display cabinets, the containers that have held the marijuana," Storey said.

    Sgt. Todd Storey says police have conducted five raids in the last three months at California Cannabis. (Joe Fiorino/CBC News)

    Usman Ahmad, who lives just a few doors down from California Cannabis, watched as police loaded everything onto a moving truck, to be taken away and used as evidence.

    Ahmad says he first noticed the dispensary about six months ago, and residents in the area have been complaining to police ever since.

    "You don't feel safe in your own neighborhood," Ahmad said.

    An officer prepares to remove a giant sign in front of California Cannabis. (Joe Fiorino/CBC News)

    Police have also arrested a number of employees at this location since December, but Storey admits, there is a very good chance none of those arrests will lead to a conviction.

    "It is frustrating, I'll give you that."

    It's an issue police have run into at dispensaries across the city. The owners are rarely, if ever, on site. Instead, they find low level employees that have very little to do with the overall operation.

    "The vast majority if not all of the employees ultimately have their charges withdrawn," said Kendra Stanyon, a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto.

    Kendra Stanyon is a criminal defence lawyer who has represented dozens of former employees at Toronto marijuana dispensaries. (Oliver Walters/CBC News)

    Stanyon, who has represented dozens of former dispensary employees, says in almost all of her cases the charges were dropped by the Crown Attorney.

    "It would be hard to put an exact percentage on it, but 90-some odd per cent, almost everybody," Stanyon said.

    According to the Public Prosecution Service of Canada, approximately 600 dispensary employees were charged in Toronto between May 1, 2017 and Dec. 31, 2017. More than 350 of them have already had all of their charges withdrawn, and that number could grow with many more cases still before the courts.

    Stanyon says it can take several months, in some cases years, before charges are dropped.

    "It's been a massive burden, I think, on the court system," she said.

    For officers making these arrests, like Storey, It's hard not to wonder why they're putting in all the hard work.

    It basically drains on our police resources," Storey said, "It's a lot of man hours that we could be doing other things."

    Yasir Naqvi, Ontario's attorney general, says the province has given police the tools they need to shut down illegal dispensaries 'and keep them closed.' (CBC)

    Back in November the province passed new legislation geared toward helping police crack down on illegal dispensaries.

    "We have given police more powers to be able to close these stores and keep them closed," said Attorney General Yasir Naqvi.

    The new laws allow police to impose interim closure orders on any establishment they suspect is being used for the sale of illegal marijuana.

    They also include provisions that allow police to go after landlords who knowingly lease their property to illegal dispensaries. The problem is, none of these laws go into effect until the federal government follows through on plans to legalize marijuana.

    In the meantime, Stanyon says police might be better served by putting more effort into trying to track down the owners and charging them. She does admit, though, in many of the cases she worked on, the owners often lived out of province, and sometimes even out of the country.

    "I imagine it's somewhat more difficult than simply arresting the people who are on site."

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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    for the fifth time in less than three months :lol:

    losing battle toward soon to be PRIVATE LEGAL SALES 8-)

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Crazy. $7k a day buys a lot of computers, doors and signs...

    I'm sure their sign makers, installers and computer people are happy lol
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    torontoke Well-Known Member

    Not as tho he’d grow a pair of balls and just stop doing it!
    Every single level can admit to it being nothing but a tax dollar bonfire and yet they are all just as happy to keep feeding it.

    What a fucking crazy world we live in:wall:
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    bigmanc Well-Known Member

    They should change the name this time, atleast they can reset there bust count lol
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    They are just undocumented dispensaries.
    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    It's a war.....We can win by BOYCOTTING any LP weed and encourage others as well.
    I myself recruited 2 new soldiers last night. Pass it on and fill in other decent folks like you!.

    bigmanc Well-Known Member

    I’m expecting very harsh penalties to arise via media. Something like a minimum sentence type of thing. Could even threaten customers who are seen. Days later all landlords and dispensaries get warning letters. By law enforcement threats shutting them down. Maybe utilities or something. All guessing here but they aren’t done and nothing has been done.

    WHATFG Well-Known Member

    Hahahaha....definition of stupid eh?....yup...keep doing the same thing I'm sure the results will change....lol...

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    They get to keep the sad proceeds from each little bust.
    They have no real criminals to go after I guess.. ...:confused::confused::wall::idea:

    All part of doing business in TO it would seem ?!?!
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    Joint Monster

    Joint Monster Well-Known Member

    They complain about it being a "drain on resources". They very well know it's not harmful. Charges never stick because the courts know how stupid the laws are.

    ...It's like they enjoy playing Kick Down the Door. You have no right to complain about drain on resources when you guys are the ones allocating those resources.

    That picture of Todd Storey smh....So much accomplished. Was that really that rewarding?

    cannadan Well-Known Member

    its a big joke to them....
    they get to play cop....with little or no chance of getting hurt... opposed to having to take down real criminals.

    you know real crime....crime ,where the perp has something to lose out on.....usually his freedom or life....
    so they play for keeps....and being a police officer chasing real criminals,could be profoundly life changing, if one of the crim's happens to get the upper hand...
    All the wasted manpower utilized to take down "tax paying businesses" , due to cannabis, we all know could be better spent
    catching real criminals...
    So if your sitting at home and one of your kids,has been assualted or beaten or killed, please tell me how the police can justify
    this work. The smile on the cops face tells the whole story.... and to the thousands of people out there who have an unsolved
    or under investigation case on going....they should be livid....
    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    It's just a show of power plain and simple........fuck the cops....viva la BM
    Be a BOYCOTTER....not a fence sitting profiteer monkey
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