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    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    look at ya bill theres a kw charge,then supply charge to maintan poles an lines more kws u use more supply charge a least where iam at,i pay 2 cents more per kw than u to run 4k 12-12 it cost me 3-350 if your right u got the cheapest power I ever seen:bigjoint:
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    No supply charge on my bill bro.

    The only extra charge we have other than straight electrical usage is "environmental surcharge" and "school tax" and that is it.

    Honestly we are known for having the best electrical rates around. We have a great electrical company here.
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    I was jealous to see .10 kwh on your math :mrgreen:
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Red what does yours run you?

    This is actually the highest I have ever seen it. It is usually around 08. to 0.9 cents.
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Oh and Red I know we were talking about the Cheesecake last night. I actually now am starting to lean towards some regular packs and find me a couple of good males to do a bit of breeding with :) I have some killer cuts... I really wanna breed with that SKVA Chem 91.

    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    Im currently at at about .14 per kwh. Not bad in comparison to others in the Midwest but it could be better. Gonna do some chuckin eh?
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Yeah that sucks man. I mean yeah, there is worse out there but that small percentage makes a big difference in the long haul...

    Yes definitely gonna do some chuckin. Lol. I have been wanting to get into breeding for a long long time. I have some very tightly held local bred strains as well very afghani dominant and some of them are actually "unknown". I have a few outdoor crosses currently of my own work, nothing spectacular but it finishes early and smells highly of earthy menthol. Have some unknown crosses that have a sweet rotting fruit smell as well that matures a little later. All are super mold resistant.

    I have been wanting to get serious in the breeding game for a long long time. I now have to room and ability to do so. So I am gonna start doing that asap!

    I have big plans for the future Red. And it is time I pursue them, especially since I have these elite cuts now and tons of genetics to play with...

    I have a lot to learn my friend.
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    I am expecting the OGKB 2.0 cut some time in the very near future as well. I am excited for that!
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Little update...

    To add to the already vegging girls I just could not resist adding a little Green Point gear to the mix. May pull these off to the side and veg them a little longer once the veg room is done and after the flip in the flower room, throw them in along with the clones...

    My wife is not much on Chems, she wants some sweet mix added to the table... So I germed these tonight...

    Will definitely get cuttings from each for future deciscions.

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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Soaking in sterile K-Cups and distilled water.

    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    High five to the wife on the BB Cheesecake
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    I would like to take something like that Blueberry Cheesecake or Pineapple Chunk and dab a little pollen from a good Chem on it. By the PC would go good with Chem tbh.
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Speaking of training...

    I was sitting in the room tonight singing to them, gently.. I began to feel sadistic out of the blue, right at the moment they started to drift off to a dream. Sporadically.

    Then I yelled at them... Started feeling some BDSM emotions coming on strong.

    Then, I abused them.

    God Dammit.


    Made them ache deeply from the roots, to their atypical node.

    .....And then that dream, became a nightmare for them.

    ...... They say us folk from Eastern Ky, ain't right.

    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Well pilgrims... I have some great news :D

    Just checked the K-Cups I soaked the beans in last night, in distilled water...

    4 Knight Riders = 4 healthy white looking tails protruding out...

    4 Jelly Pies = just 2 healthy tails protruding thus far...

    1 Blueberry Cheesecake = White tail protruding out.

    1 freebie SERIOUSLY small Barneys Pineapple Chunk seed that I thought would for sure not be viable = Has the longest tail of all... Sucker is like a snake. The seed was almost the size of a poppy seed lol...

    But I am happy so far with the germ rates... 2 more Jelly Pies need to come on out. Will be dropping in promix soon! :D:D

    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    If anyone is wondering why all the branches are twisted and broken, I was reminiscing on last years guerilla grow. Started thinking about spring coming up and found this pic. This plant was done the same way, a long with about 160 others.... [​IMG]

    See the bush effect it causes?

    Shit I just wanna throw some outdoorpics out there. These were amazingplants but next year you will see plenty of Gu~s beans ran outdoor... Can't stop thinkin' bout spring!


    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    There was definitely "Fire on the Mountain"!

    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Well what do you know... These girls are already responding to the supercropping in only 24 hours.

    This is the definition of hardy!


    eastcoastled Well-Known Member

    @psychadelibud, I stumbled on to your build and took interest b/c it is somewhat similar to my (underground)room. My flower room is roughly 5x12(veg same size but mostly storage, 25% veg)but I have 8ft tall ceilings and a concrete floor. I live where it it’s cold and dry right now 30F, but changes to hot and humid (90F 90%Rh) in summer. Right now I can keep it cool running my 6” exhaust and intake 24/7 bringing in air at 30-50% Rh, and 55-60F. No dehumidifier needed. In summer with the same intake exhaust running 24/7 bring in 60-70% rh, 75-80F air my 70 pint dehumidifier has to be drained into an auxiliary pump b/c I can not be there to empty it 3 times a day. My veg side also requires a smaller dehumidifier to keep the RH at 50% as a whole, both sides share the same air. Add a 9K Btu minisplit, and I can keep it from going over 88F in the summer. I am running less than 2500W of (LED)light, but prob another 2000W of Ac and dehumifiers(summe only).If you are in a similar climate as me, take this info into consideration. Make changes/get prepared now, or once summer comes you are fucked. Even with all my provisions, there is a noticeable drop in my quality in summer.
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    ruby fruit

    ruby fruit Well-Known Member

    My wife loved the pineapple chunk thats her go to smoke ....very dense weighty nugs with the pheno I got but grown outdoors
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    ChaosHunter Well-Known Member

    @psychadelibud What kind of power meter do you have ? Is it the newer digital ones ? I ask because both the power company and Leos know what a 18/6 and a 12/12 cycle is. They gauge by power consumption on how big your grow is.

    FYI I grew south of you 25 years ago indoor and know all about the task force I dealt with on a weekly bases.
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