Pulled a couple buds from my plants - Bud pron inside..

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by potberto, Jan 1, 2010.


    potberto Active Member

    Oh yeah, final days of the grow - good feeling!!

    I pulled about half of my Frisian Dew plant.. Just waiting on one bud to finish the seed production from the cross pollination I did - once those are ready I'll pull the rest of the plant. I did three crosses - Butterscotch Hawaiian male mixed with Frisian Dew, Northern Berry Berry, and Master Kush. Should be pretty cool crosses :)

    The Frisian Dew right off the plant:

    After a quick dry/cure:

    This stuff is POTENT!! Very "uppy" high, all my buds that tried it were amazed.. I'm glad I got a clipping of this in veg!

    And I just pulled a nice cola off my Northern Berry Berry plant - same with the seeds so I'm waiting to pull the rest of the plant till it's done.. This cola is heavy!!! What do you think dry weight will be on this one? At least 5-6g's I'm thinking..



    Still no pulls off the Master Kush - she is a late bloomer - all the hairs are still white, trichs still clear.. That's OK. She'll get bigger! The buds on that one are even bigger than these NBB buds!!!


    In that pic you can see the MK buds all in the front, in the back there's the NBB, and the bottom left you can see a small purple bud from the Frisian Dew..

    Comments/questions/anything is welcome!!

    motoracer110 Well-Known Member

    :clap: Looks good Pot, Good work. :weed:

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    nice porn m8... its kinda hard to guess a dry weight on that one without having someting else in the pick to try and judge size by... but none the less, great job.. i would be happy with just one of those plants, and you have like four or five.. n ice..

    potberto Active Member

    Thanks for the good words!!

    Racer - the bud is 20.2g's wet.. I thought there was a rough formula for the wet:dry weight. Maybe someone else might have a guestimate? I was thinking around 5-6g's...

    madcatter Active Member

    Might luckout and get7-8... happy happy you

    StreetRider Active Member

    Drying and curing can take a full 80% of your weight. Just take your wet weight and times by say 0.75. That will give you a good estimate.

    potberto Active Member

    Happy new year to me! :D

    audiB8RS4 Member

    uhh i think you mean by .25 :)

    think about it, if drying out takes away minimum of 75% of the weight,then you would take the difference of 100% your left with 25% so therefore

    say 21grams x .25=5.25 grams dry weight.

    i could be misunderstanding you though i could see this applying if you were to take .75x21 grams=15.75 grams which would be moisture weight of bud lost thru drying then you would minus this from total bud weight at harvest which well say is 21 grams which leaves you with 5.25 grams. :)

    audiB8RS4 Member

    and to the OP on that bud that weighs 20.2 grams,i put my bid in :)

    i think itll weigh about 4.5 grams. (i also took stem weight into account with my guess) just so you know.

    Lemmie know if i was close!!!!!

    do i win that tasty lookin bud if im right? hahhaahha

    Peace out man!

    Dr.RR Active Member

    Beauty's bro, excellent work! Looks delicious. I'm guessing ~5g's dry on the Northern Berry Berry. :weed:

    potberto Active Member

    Whatever it is - this was the smaller of the three main colas!!! :D

    My first grow is going very well!!

    beeker Well-Known Member

    Awesome job

    potberto Active Member


    Side question - can anyone tell me if it's OK to be hanging them in a cold place? I have limited drying space and the spot they're in now is about 50° or so. It's dark, but it's cold.. Might even get lower than 50. Will that be OK? Or should I try to find a warmer spot?


    wonderblunder Well-Known Member

    Looks good, that Frisian Dew sure is pretty.......
    CaNNaBiZ CaNucK

    CaNNaBiZ CaNucK Well-Known Member

    My, what lovely ladies you have :D Great Job!

    Hope all your crossbreeds work out for ya!

    palehawaiian Active Member

    keeping them in the cold like that can cause them to dry to slow and you'll run the risk of mold

    potberto Active Member

    Yah, I thought they were drying slow.. I'll move them into the garage where it's warmer and dark. Thanks

    GeeTee Well-Known Member

    wow those buds look delicious man!! Good job. how bout sendin a few buds my ways for samples =)

    beeker Well-Known Member

    During winter , I too must dry in cooler temps, 50 s here too, I always have a fan blowing across them, hanging on screen. Dont let get wet, turn once in awhile, and u shouldnt have no probs. It will also take several weeks.

    potberto Active Member

    That big bud is almost dry and at 7.7g's right now.. So I'm thinking 5-6g's is a good estimate :D

    Just pulled the rest of the frisian this morning. Good shit!!

    Here's another bud on the Northern Berry Berry - probably will harvest next week, it's just about done:

    And a Master Kush bud:

    And what's left of round one :)


    That Master Kush plant (right) is 19 inches tall from soil surface to tallest bud tip.. That tall bud is 10 inches tall... hahahaa.. That's some prime-time LST'ing right there folks :D Good times :)

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