Punched Angle Hanging Brackets


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Well I did a search for hanging brackets and got 10 pages of hits but none of them looked like mine so here we go.
My friend grows in tents and he was showing me his new 8 by 8. I couldn't help but notice all the great places he has to hang things from. I grow in a room in my basement and close part of it off with panda plastic so I've got the tiled ceiling to work with. It's been good enough for a while now but had to get a better system in there than just the few boards I was using before.
I worked in a place where they had big overhead doors installed. They hung the tracks with these metal strips called punched angle. It's the metal brace they use to go between the ceiling and the horizontal part of the door track. I grabbed a few of the offcuts just thinking that they'd be handy sometime. I started to wonder how long a section of it I could get and where I might find it. I walked into my local mom and pop building supply store with a 6 inch piece of it and asked them if they'd ever seen it before and the guy goes, "Oh, that's punched angle, we carry that". Besides nails and screws it's the only metal they sell too. It comes in 10 foot sections and cost me $11 a section.
In the first pic you can see them going up. I cut one in the second pic to clear that light fixture. It only took a few minutes with a hack-saw.