Puppy took the top half off

Doug Dawson

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Okay, so I was asleep and during sometime in the night my puppy plucked off the top of the plant.. as you can see the 2 leaves are still on the stem. Will it regrow if I keep feeding it? Or is the plant just ruined?
Only time will tell for sure but it will likely die. Just have to wait and see but at least you have not lost much time. Remember, where there is life there is hope. It may surprise you.


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Barking up the wrong tree I see. More seriously tho never hurts to try, if she wants to fight and live she will but it’s a serious but it would be a miraculous recovery as the odds are no longer in your hands.


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Don't be hard on the puppy, it's always the owners fault, everything they get into. That puppy will be around long after the weed is history regardless. You want a good and loyal dog, you get the dog you deserve. Put in the work and get the rewards.