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    Mrs. Rare Dankness

    Mrs. Rare Dankness Active Member

    So here is our new thread where I will post information, pictures, answer questions and what-not. But here is the 1 ground rule.
    There will be NOplaying the "my dick is bigger game"
    1. I have no dick... so it wouldn't be fair.;-)
    2. I find it immature, childish ,discourteous, and rude.
    3. Everyone has their own way of doing things. What is right for me, might not be right for you. And that's ok.

    So I ask everyone to be COURTEOUS.

    Feel free to ask the questions you would like answered, pics of your RD grows, opinions, and what-nots.
    The first few post may be repeats, so everyone is on the same page.

    Welcome to the Rare Dankness/RD Genetics thread.

    Mrs. Rare Dankness

    SketchyGrower Well-Known Member

    501st how to get it in the states? Will attitude eventually get some stock? Any info would be great..
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    The Chemist Brothers

    The Chemist Brothers Active Member

    Agreed, ordered a pack of the Venom Og, seems like everything crossed with your rare dankness is killer, too bad the others are sold out, have to wait until they restock.
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    Mrs. Rare Dankness

    Mrs. Rare Dankness Active Member

    RAREDANKNESS is a COLORADO company, breeding seeds here in COLORDAO, for COLORADOdispensaries ONLY.
    We DO NOT SHIP our seeds out to anyone. We do not even ship them withinColorado. They are packaged 6 seeds per pack, because in Colorado, legalpatients can grow 6 plants.

    RD GENETICS is the global company. The seeds by RD Genetics are produced inlegal gardens in CALIFORNIA and in SPAIN. They are packaged in 10 packs. Thatis where the international seed banks acquire their seeds. And this is whereany seeds sold (other than in Colorado) come from.
    There will be strains that global does not have or will not have because theydo not have the genetics in those facilities.

    All seeds have a test batch before the new rounds are released to the public.And if you have a problem with a pack of seeds we will work with you.
    Please check web-site www.raredankness.comor www.rdgenetics.com
    RD Genetics is our Global division, produced in private medical gardens inCalifornia and Spain.

    Mrs. Rare Dankness

    Mrs. Rare Dankness

    Mrs. Rare Dankness Active Member

    Attitude picks what they want from RD. Please contact them and request the strain you are looking for. The CALI LA High Times cup will have a few packs.
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    Mrs. Rare Dankness

    Mrs. Rare Dankness Active Member

    Just got back from LA.. nice weather, but hate the traffic. And the 19 hour car ride home... UUGG.
    I fly out this weekend for the Cali cup. We have 4 entries. Scott's OG, Doc's OG, Tangerine Trainwreck HAze, and OG oil.

    I had 3 people pull some OG beans (half packs) while I was in LA, do a germ for me and take some pics.
    So here are some baby Scott's OG (90%), Venom OG(70%) and Ward'a reek'n OG (90%)

    DSC00416.jpg DSC00418.jpg DSC00417.jpg

    Thank you,
    Mrs. Rare Dankness
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    SketchyGrower Well-Known Member

    Right on.. I'll drop them a line

    blissfest Well-Known Member

    It would be nice if Seed Depot,Attitude, or any other seed bank that ships to the USA would try and carry a full line up.

    Did Manchester seeds get back with you on their deception of RD strains they say they carry but dont?
    Ryan D

    Ryan D Active Member

    Had a few questions about the kush line, I was wondering which strains were indica dom and which were sativa dom. Also which would you consider to be the heaviest of the bunch?
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    TheLastWood Well-Known Member

    but I've got the biggest balls of them all!....... it wasn't me I swear.. it was ac/dc..... Mrs. RD do u have any links to grow reports? Any strain would be nice, I like readin up on things before I drop $$$. Interested mainly in trainwreck crosses.

    TheLastWood Well-Known Member

    Wtf man just lost the trainwreck auctions. Bullshit. todays just not my day
    Mrs. Rare Dankness

    Mrs. Rare Dankness Active Member

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    rowz Member

    Hi Mrs, i would like to ask which one of your OG strains is the most potent with classic lemon og funk taste?
    Thanks in adv

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    OOOwee, looks like your guys(and gal) cook up some fire genetics. Moonshine haze is on my list for the march promo. Wish they were offered in 5packs too :(
    beans davis

    beans davis Well-Known Member

    Mrs.RD when will you get some more OGs to the attitude?
    I'm running some OG soon and would like to try some of yours.
    Thanks for the thread,I like it.

    wyteberrywidow Global

    I Lile the way these strains sound. I'm waiting patiently to try these out

    Masato Member

    i was able to pick up a few packs... got some of scotts og, 501, and rugburn for the OG strains and a few other non-OG strains... the only ones they had at the LA cup haha oh wells guess ill try these out! Really interested in that calorado diesel and possibly one of there blue strains... its gonna b exciting once i get things running

    Masato Member

    Fak i meant colorado haha
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    Mrs. Rare Dankness

    Mrs. Rare Dankness Active Member

    Sorry I haven't posted.. I have been in CALi.. Looking over the girls and doing the Show. I just got home. I'm tired.

    We got 1st place INDICA for DOC's OG.

    I promise to get back on tomorrow and answer some ????

    But one thing I need to explain real fast.. Got a email about the Colorado strains versers CALi.
    OK .. if you have 2 parents a mom and dad and they have sex in Colorado, Spain, Cali, Bumfuck egypt, there kids are the same genetic make-up... THe exact strains are in the locations.. it's called cloning people.
    sorry but i have grown tired of people asking for "real"seeds.. and also they're are strain that has not .. that is NOT, been released I know what they are,, so when you email and say you have a problem... Its pretty much impossiable since THEY ARE NOT REALEASED to the public yet.. WE test our seeds first.. So if you try to scam me .. your just pissing me off. So now I am having the packaging #'d.
    Now if you have a REAL problem.. I will take care of you.

    Mrs. Rare Dankness
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    Mrs. Rare Dankness

    Mrs. Rare Dankness Active Member

    Masato, It was really nice meeting you.. Please let me know how everything goes.. I'll keep you up to date on the rest.


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