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Kili Frunza

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the staff should delete and or move anything in this sub forum that does not use the smoke report template. there not many people using this sub forum the way it should be. just my two cents:peace:
Let the people express themselves brother in any way they feel fit. I consider that letting people to talk freely about their smoking experience is far better than following a template. Let them speak from the mind and from the hearth instead of following a specific type of explanation. Cheers


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OK, my two cents...

I agree with Hazey Grapes and Kili Frunza: Just tell it like it is, and if that means you like using a template, the go ahead, but please stick to the BASIC smoke report please...I'm a bit mixed on it and would also like some BASIC grow info as well, like final DRIED bud weight per plant and height info just to get a clue what I might want to try.

Son of a collier

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Please use the following template for posting a smoke report.

Strain: Philosopher seeds - Jack el frutero

Nutes: dutch pro
Yield: 42 gr dried per plant
Bag Appeal: nice frosty, sticky dense buds
Smell: Fruity with a hint of puke or lactic-esq
Taste: mega fruity but not sweet
The High: good high creeper, body stone goes on for ages good for pain too
Comments: needs lots of lst and support when flowering , other than that she's a real popular girl round these parts.... grows in a kind of open sativa structure. don't pinch out the tops...u get popcornIMAG0838.jpg