Recycled Organic Living Soil (ROLS) and No Till Thread

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    RandomHero8913 Well-Known Member

    What size mesh are you running that stuff through? Thanks
    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

    I use a tray that has a bunch of holes in it. 1/8" I think.
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    LostInEthereal Well-Known Member

    Hey where did you find that sticky fly trap box contraption if you don't mind me asking?
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    RandomHero8913 Well-Known Member

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    Heil Tweetler

    Heil Tweetler Well-Known Member

    Whoat, the recycled, living, organic, no till bros are ok with
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    LostInEthereal Well-Known Member


    LostInEthereal Well-Known Member

    Another quick question for everyone. I'm pretty new to growing and most of my experience was with coco and chemical nutrients (2 grows). I have one grow with no till under my belt just an autoflower that I had some issues with (name gnats and height control). Anyway, I'm about to fire up the 4x4 HPS tent (in addition to the 2x2 for Autos with LED) and I'm wondering due to space constraints if it would be better to run 4x 15gal (as planned) or one larger say 45ish gallon pot (possibly square) with a few plants?

    The reason I ask is all my tents are setup in a tiny walk in closet which is just about 4.5' across so my 4x4 barely fits. I certainly can't access anything from the sides so I figured one large pot might be easier to manage? I was hoping to run at least a couple gals in there for variety sake. Also I am essentially following the BuildASoil no till kit/guidelines if that helps (I have everything in the kit and then some). Minus seedlings starting in Roots Organics Original.

    Sorry if I'm a rambling and all that, been partying a bit tonight and definitely hard to construct legible sentences.

    RandomHero8913 Well-Known Member

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    Chunky Stool

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    RandomHero8913 Well-Known Member

    Gotcha, thanks for the info. Do you know if the plants absorb any of the vapor or does it act more like a film/layer that can be washed off?
    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

    Not sure.
    Maybe neither?
    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

    If you've got a gnarly spider mite infestation while in veg, nothing hits the spot like hot shots.
    Sprays have to be reapplied periodically and it's easy to miss a spot -- which means they'll be back.
    Hot shot vapor penetrates every nook and cranny. It will kill them all, no problem-o.
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    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    4 x 15 gal IMO. easier to move, easier to grow things perpetually if that is your goal, if one mix is acting funny you still have three others that could be doing well instead of your whole 45 gal acting up, you can spread them out or condense them in the space as needed. there are other reasons too, but i just woke up lol
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    dubekoms Well-Known Member

    I have some em1 and want to make labs. Should I do the whole rice wash thing and add em1 or can I skip that and combine em1 with milk?

    overdriver Member

    Hi, I'm interested in this organic stuff since I want to reuse my earth instead of throwing it away.
    I really dont want to use kelp meal because of the high amounts of heavy metals found in it.

    Are you guys still using it or did you find any alternative that is as good as kelp
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    I use 2 cups in each 30 gallon mix and use it to brew weak teas along with Alfalfa meal.

    bizfactory Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'm still using Kelp. Any source on the heavy metals? Not doubting but would like to read up on it.

    overdriver Member

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    CaptainSnap Well-Known Member

    What are you trying to gain from the kelp? The extensive micro nutrients or the higher levels of K? I still use kelp myself but if one wants to eliminate it from the feed I would think green sand or rock dust would replace the micro nutrients. To replace K you could use Black Soldier Fly Frass or any insect frass. I use kelp and frass! I've seen a huge growth spurt since using bsf frass!!

    overdriver Member

    Im sorry I'm a total noob.
    I have no idea what I'm trying to gain from kelp.
    I only want to grow organic and read here that everyone is using kelp for amazing results.
    The high potassium is easy to replace I guess so that whats left are the micro nutrients.
    I looked green sand up and rock dust up and it looks nice.
    But it doesnt seem to have nearly the same range and amount of micro nutrients like kelp does.
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