Reliable ppm chart for marijuana??

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    I've been looking and looking but have not seen a reliable ppm chart for growing marijuana? I have heard people say use full strength, use half, use a quarter..I just want to know what you guys keep your ppm's at and when. If there is a nice chart somewhere out there that would be great too. Thanks! :)

    Roseman Elite Rolling Society

    PPM for Hanna Chart PPM

    Seedlings, Early Sprouts 100 to 250

    Early Vegging 300 to 400

    Full Vegetation 450 to 700

    Early Blooming 750 to 950

    Full Mature Blooms 1000 to 1600

    Note: EC Calculations are different, here's a conversion chart :
    heres a great chart that shows how different PPM can be from meter to meter... EC is the only real universal language...


    Remember to discount the ppm of your water.

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    Great post roseman nice one

    By discount, do you mean you do not include the ppm of your water in the overall ppm or you do?

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    Roseman Elite Rolling Society

    My tap water is `120 ppm, out of the faucet. So if I want a ppm of 720, I set it at 840, so I have 720 of nutes, plus the 120 ppm of the water.
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    Nice chart Roseman, nice :hump:
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    Also let the plant tell you how much nutes it needs. Not all strains take the same ppm's. Start weak and keeping raising slowly untill you see some burn starting. Use you ppm meter to keep track of how much your mixing to get a certain level. Of course this is just my opinon, and Im sure others here have other (better) advice.
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    Santos L Halper

    Santos L Halper Member

    What kind of nutes are you using? If you are using General Hydroponic nutes I would recommend Lucas Formula that you can find here

    It deviates from the GH chart, the Lucas Formula is 8ml/gal Micro and 16 ml/gal Bloom, no grow. iirc the increased proportion of micro provides enough nitrogen. The nute solution is about ~1300 ppm and is suitable for all stages of flowering.

    I add 1ml/gal of Floralicious Plus and mix in Liquid Koolbloom at different stages (as in the GH chart), ~5-7.5ml/gal takes the ppm to about 1400-1500 for me. I put rooted clones right in.

    Even if you don't use GH, Lucas stresses that you should always use FULL STRENGTH nutes.
    Santos L Halper

    Santos L Halper Member

    I use a Bluelab ppm Truncheon and it has all the different conversions on it: EC, CF, .5 ppm, and .7 ppm (Truncheon on the chart). Most people use the .7 conversion. It is the one on the left in the pic, was about ~$143 and worth every penny. It also has a five year warranty.

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    Hey thank you, that is exactly what I was looking for! :)
    monster kush

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    i have a hm digital ppm/ec meter com-100 does anyone know how this chart converts for my meter?

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    God bless you for posting these. I'd been to the GH site but never found this info. Good stuff!

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    Just what i needed!

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    Im new to the Hydro game. Im using a simple ebb/ flo setup with Flora grow nova products. I noticed the PPM chart stating 100-250 PPM of nutes.. for seedlings. Question-, Is the PPM calculated after I add the required amounts of Nova grow and FLora Blend during the seedling stage? I am assuming that these nutes are combined in the initial watering. Thanks for the help... MX
    Artificial emotion

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    I think these charts are incredibly misleading. They are only meant to be a guide and are not set in stone! You need to learn to read your plants and interpret what the signs are telling you i.e. whether it needs more nitrogen or some other macro or micro nutrient. Different strains/phenos will all have varying requirements so there is no one size fits all chart.

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    Not that i know much.....yet, but the calc on Adv Nutrients website seems kinda confusing and it say 1040ppm in week one of veg. This clearly is to much, don't ya think?
    Artificial emotion

    Artificial emotion Well-Known Member

    ^well that's a common problem (values being too high).

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    The charts posted by the various companies only apply to their specific line of nutrients. You can not use formulas from other suppliers sites on a different brand. Every fertilizer is different so you have to follow the directions for the brand you are using, ie: General hydroponics application rates will not work with the Canna schedules and vice-versa.

    You eventually have to start reading your plants instead of the labels on the products. Good growers do not need pre-printed formulas and rely on the signs and symptoms of the plant to determine when to use additives and fertilizers, not some pre printed schedule on the back of the fertilizer product. The label does not have eyes and does not know the condition of your plants, the ultimate decision to feed or not must rely upon your good judgment and knowledge of plant growth.

    Recommendations by fertilizer companies are usually the maximum the plants can tolerate without burning so they can sell more ferts. Anything above 1250ppm in flowering is causing soft rapid cell growth reducing the ability of the plants to adjust to disease and pest pressures and drastic environmental changes.

    When it comes to fertilizing, less is best. You can always add more if needed, but if over fertilized it is much harder to remove excessive fertilizer salts once added to the media.

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    here you go............

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    Hi guys I have never messed with checking ppm ec and all that, I been using general hydroponics Flora Series Recirculating (Expert & Simple) with rockwool small chucks and never had any problems for years, but now I have changed to coco tec as it's easier to order and works good just been adding the 5ml a gal calmag on top of the flora nutes. The other day I got a nice EC, PPM, temp, & a total of 8 things it test other than PH were to go to get a clue on the whole EC (ms) TDS NaCl info for dummies ? like charts stuff like that

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