Replant Those Long Stretchy Stems ( Its Easy )

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    goten Well-Known Member

    This is just to show you how easy it is to bury those long stretchy stems ,

    After you replant them make sure you lower your lights so they wont continue to stretch

    I do not have a pic of one of those seedlings with the long ass stem reaching for a light that's 2ft high

    But i got this one that i internally let slightly stretch a little , you can see the slight stretch at the bottom of the stem

    You do not want your soil wet when you do this

    its best for the soil to be dry so the extra soil will come off the roots easier

    After you take your plant out , GENTLY break lose the soil from around the roots

    After you got the excess soil off the roots , put some soil back in the bottom of your cup or pot

    you dont want to put your plant right in with the roots hitting the bottom of your cup because you dont want the chance for the roots to grow out the drain holes

    so put some soil in the bottom first then put your seedling back in

    position your seedling at desired height for your stem to be buried at

    i would bury all the way up to the Cotyledon leaves ,

    after your have replanted and buried your stem you can then give it just A LITTLE bit of water

    the part of the stem that you buried will eventually start to grow roots

    your plant will pretty much not go into shock at all from this

    just make sure your gentle when your braking the lose soil off the roots

    Like i said this is not a bad stretchy plant but the same principle applies with those long ass stretchy stems

    hope this helps you all that has the long stretchy seedling stem problem

    remember to lower your lights so they wont continue to stretch

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    mystifiedbongs Well-Known Member

    good info, nice thread bro
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    goten Well-Known Member

    Thanks my man ,

    iv just seen to many of those long stretchy seedlings and people asking why its doing that

    so i figured i would just start a simple easy thread ya know ...:peace:
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    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    this thread DESERVES a BUMP.

    and some +rep. :clap:
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    goten Well-Known Member

    Thanks my man

    You should make this simple thread a sticky lol

    much thanks for the rep
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    Pipe Dream

    Pipe Dream Well-Known Member

    I let some of mine get a little out of hand. I am waiting on a ventilation fan before I put a real light in my tent and am going to have to do this today. I can still remember this was one of first questions when I came to RIU since I had been out of "the game" for a long time and forgot most of everything I learned in the past. Anyways, I see this question asked a lot and sometimes newbies don't even realize there is a problem and don't ask for advice. If this was a sticky it might save us all a little time answering this question, maybe, but probably not. :mrgreen:
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    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    done. bongsmilie
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    Macinfo Member

    That's an awesome cheat man, it saves a plant from being wasted
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    Hydrogrowe Active Member

    Great post/thread thanx 4 the info....
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    weejabrew Member

    Cool post, I have done this in the past and never really noticed others talking about it :) I had my lights 4 feet tall when I first started and learned quickly to lower my lights :)
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    rantz New Member

    Great thread, but why break the soil off of the roots first? I've never tried this before. What's the reasoning?:-?

    goten Well-Known Member

    So you can have more room to work with when your burring your stem and position it better

    If you dont break the soil loose then wheres your room to re plant it

    Unless your just transplanting in a bigger container then you just bury it when you add the extra soil for the bigger container
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    rantz New Member

    Oh, I see. When I transplant I always transplant into a bigger container and just take the entire root ball out, put it in the pot and fill 'er up with dirt. Done deal!
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    goten Well-Known Member

    So do i my man

    this is to re plant and bury it in the same pot if its stretching , not transplanting
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    gree Member

    Newbie and first time grower here. Thanks for this thread. I started a bagseed grow around 6 days back (after germinating in paper towel). I plan to grow it in a container outside on deck. Because of unfavorable weather it spent first few days inside on a window sill. No wonder it got quite stringy. Here are they:

    stringy.jpg stringy2.jpg

    Should I repot them in the same pot or just move them to another bigger pot. They were planted in pro-mix soil - nothing else. Should I move them to a more enriched soil (like pro-mix + perlite + bone meal + fish + blood meal)?

    Any advice is much appreciated and I have spent dozens of hours reading this site (and continue to do so!) :mrgreen:
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    katfan Member

    I'm having this exact same problem! I'm a first timer as well. I am using a 4ft T5 fluorescent that I placed about 4-5 inches above my seed trays. Now I have seedlings that are about 3" tall! Anyway, I'm planning to replant tomorrow into bigger pots for veg, so I will just be careful when transplanting and then cover the stems with loose soil up to the cotyeldon leaves. One question local hydro store thought I should start og nutes already in week 1 using pro organics line and I wonder if I should use plain water directly after transplanting or go ahead and use some more of my 1/4 strength nutes? I watered yesterday with plain water, today with nutes. Any thoughts?
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    goten Well-Known Member

    Yes just re plant them in the same pots you have them in now

    and bury the stem all the up to those leaves .

    Leave your seedlings in the pots they are in now

    Let it build up a good root system first filling up the pot with her roots

    then transplant into a bigger pot

    Also you do not need to give any nutes to your young seedlings , i would wait till about the 3rd or 4th week then give a little nutes 1/2 strength


    you are watering to much

    you said you watered yesterday then again today ,

    only water every few days after your soil starts getting dry
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    gree Member

    Ok replanted them in the same pot. Just mixed some more perlite and teeeeny bit of organic dynamite 8-5-5 :D

    Harrekin Well-Known Member

    Why did you add nutes to a seedling?! You were specifically told above not to, so why the need to do it?

    Seems more and more people on this site seem to THINK the more nutes you give a plant the better it will turn out...

    canniboss Well-Known Member

    When I germinate in little cups I only fill them half way at first... When the seedling starts to stretch out a bit I will finish filling the cup up. Seems to work so far. (I like the clear beer cups so I can see the roots to know when she needs to get a bigger home)

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