Reserva Privada Kosher Kush - Smoke/Grow Report

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    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    Howdy Renne! That's a tough question. I really like the OG18 and Kosher, but I really want to try the holy grail kush and cataract kush. I think my favorite would be a tie between OG18, Kosher and LA Confidential. The LA Confidential takes forever to veg though, so that sort of sucks, but the high is outstanding!! That probably doesn't help much but there you go. The only other thing I would add is that I once had a Cole Train pheno that was CRAZY!!! It smelled like potpourri and tasted like a bouquet of flowers, in a good way! It had the happiest yet mellowest buzz you could ask for. I grew two more 10 packs and couldn't find the pheno again so I gave up.
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    eyes Well-Known Member

    was there much side branching or was it more of a pole plant with a few side shoots?
    Fresh 2 De@th

    Fresh 2 [email protected] Well-Known Member

    just wanted to say thanks for this thread. i to have recently brought a few packs of dna/rp and been asking about these myself. i know it's all only one report but it truly seems honest, unbiased and legit for those that has had questionable doubt whether to try them out or move on to something else on the top of their list. i can't speak for others but this thread has answered a lot of the questions i had in regards to the strains i've brought and would like to thank you for that.

    wheezer Well-Known Member

    You may find that Cateract Kush your fav, because it's a good cross of OG and LA, and it's faster vegging than the LA. It's my second fav behind the Kandy Kush in that catagory.

    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    Thanks Wheezer! I am harvesting 5 Kandy Kushes this weekend. It's my second run of the Kandy Kush. I like it a lot too! I'll be sure to try the Cataract Kush soon. Anything with LA in it seems to be good so I can't wait to try it crossed with OG! Good looking out!

    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    Thanks buddy! It feels good to hear that relaying my grow experiences helps others make decisions for their grow. Awesome!
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    greenops Active Member

    thanks for the report. i'm planning my next grow and am wondering if it will grow well in a scrog together with a sour diesel? i believe a sour diesel has a 10plus weeks flowering time. do u feel u harvested this batch a bit too early? or could they have gone longer? if the kosher kush comes with a good amount of amber at day 65-70, then i might grow the KK along side other shorter flowering strains..

    greenberg138 Member

    i would grow the kk with the sour diesel, they both seem to strech just as much. but the kosher dosent strech half as mush as the diesel and the kk streches a lil more than the diesel.. personally i dont grow anything along side my diesel it sees to overtake everything!!!! hahaha.

    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    hey closed4fishing been reading your grow reports for awhile now and hell ya you deserve a big fat rep+ for each & every one i think we were both growing superlemonhaze at the same time or close to it i now have holy grail kush going any way another good report as ive been considering k/k
    aus2 canibasiva

    aus2 canibasiva Well-Known Member

    Great report man,good info. Then again you always do good reports :clap:. So, what are your top favorite 5 strains?

    bmaier1996 Member

    i have grown clones but no seed grows yet...where should i get my dna genetics seeds?

    indicantonio Active Member

    I am growing with a very very similar setup i am so stoked after reading this!

    VTMi'kmaq Well-Known Member

    Anything kosher HAS got to be good!
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    antimatt3r Well-Known Member

    got mine, germ today :) had it at the CUP and it was great, threepeat!!!

    Cman22 Member

    On 12/15 i germinated 2 kosher kush 1 sour kush and a freebie jack. All 4 have spouted and are growing nicely. Yesterday i germed 2 more koshers and another sour kush from dna. I am going to do a grow journal. Called kosher kush of garden grove. Look for it.
  16. Looks great!! Just received my Reserva Privada OG #18 seeds from Attitude, my question is, I've been using General Hydroponics Nutrients for a couple of years (5 stage) and was thinking changing to the 3 stage Fox Farm. I'm Hydro Only, whats your thoughts??

    Independent counsel

    Independent counsel Active Member

    Hey guys!!! Awesome koher 's u got CLOSED4FISHING !! CLOSED4 how long did u veg the KOSHER KUSHES for and did u top, lst, FIM them etc? Also did they seem to streatch in flower or stay rather short? Lastly do they have any OG taste or smell to them. I was planning on some OG Reservas but am leanin to the kosher's . Thanks any help would be great PPEACE!!!
    bo fli 7000

    bo fli 7000 Active Member

    the kosher is real good so is og 18,sourkush,og kush,holygrail & kushberry if you like that fuely taste 2 weeks away from purple og 18 exodus kush goji og og kush & blueberry headband harvest

    Bigby Well-Known Member

    Same happened here. All 5 cracked were hermies.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Kosher Kush is on my short list. Especially after growing out 2 RP Kandy Kush (OG Kush X Trainwreck). Most excellent.

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