Roots organic budda grow and buddha bloom?

Discussion in 'Organics' started by Kirk Lazarus, Nov 10, 2011.

    Kirk Lazarus

    Kirk Lazarus Member

    anyone have positive or negative experiences with this line? i havent grown in a couple of years, used the full fox farm line before... wanted to keep it all organic this time

    hazorazo New Member

    I have not used the buddha stuff, but I have used HPK, Extreme Serene, Ancient Amber, and Trinity and one other that the name is escaping me right now, but I love their line. I even use their soil. Great company from Oregon!

    nickman Active Member

    i have been using it ...

    i just switched from synthetics to this so i could try organics ...

    its workn great except for all the tiny little nats flying around my soil now ...
    that never happened b4 ...

    i think its from the guano's or something ...

    brittgabesp Member

    I have been using budda grow and my girls seem to love it :) going all organic with fox farm as well.

    No nats here but I have a hanging insect repellant I got at the hydro shop so I guess its doin its job.

    slonez47 Active Member

    I use the whole line and I'm happy with it. I got nervous about the low PH but I'm past that. The knats are a small nuisance in mine, but nothing that is'nt an easy fix. I'd recommend it.

    DontTaxMeBro Active Member

    I use the line. Budha grow and budha bloom. As well as a couple other bottles of theirs. Its a really nice organic line. The plants grow great. The price seems to be high and they sell to many different types of bottles than needed but if you can afford it you will be happy with the results.

    Im going to try Fox Farm next round. It will cut my bottle count down to 3. Im using 5 different bottles with Roots Organic.

    rockson21 Member

    i made pretty good dank with buddha bloom only. used that and grow big for veg and first third of flowering.
    Kirk Lazarus

    Kirk Lazarus Member

    Nice, I'm happy to hear good things about them. I went and picked them up and I'm going to use them as the main ingridients. Now....I'm trying to keep things relatively simple and I've decided to use the Buddha Grow and Silica Blast from Botanicare during veg, what 1 organic additive would you suggest i add to the Buddha Bloom for flowering? Oh and I almost forgot I'll be watering with guano tea every couple of weeks...just an FYI in case that would influence your pick

    HigherGround Active Member

    There line is a true organic so there's no pre phing out the bottle. Comes really low. Your soil will naturally buffer this but, if you aerated it for 24 hours your ph will end up in the 6's and will be full of air to help the roots uptake faster. Less work for them and you don't have to wait for your soil to buffer the ph to uptake the feed. Also since it is truly organic you can see it's very thick. Aerating helps break it down also making easier for uptake by your roots.

    Bird0762 Member

    I am using the root organics Buddha Bloom and its working so well...Ive seen my plants double in size!
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    D3monic Well-Known Member

    I use grow, bloom, oregionism xl, xtreme serene, trinity, hpk, hp2 , big swell, soil, feel like im missing one... Ive never used anything else so i have nothing to compare it to. The gnats are more a issue with storage than the soil it self. I just water with some mosquito dunks. May try the granuals next time

    BurnerBabe503 Member

    Hello everyone :)
    I'm new to this forum and it's such a wealth of info!
    I recently inherited 2 plants from a dear friend that passed away on Sunday and I'm hella nervous. I don't want to kill these ladies. So I headed over to the grow shop and they recommended Buddha Bloom. I gave them a drink and they are all perky and upright even after a couple of hrs. The poor things were a bit dry when I brought them home. They're about 3 feet tall but no flowers yet. I have NO idea what I'm doing so I'll be posting on here a lot.
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    greasemonkeymann Well-Known Member

    good luck with the grow.
    feel free to start new threads for any questions you have.
    oh, and you just posted in a 4 yr old thread.
    not that we care
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    BurnerBabe503 Member

    Thank you very much :) I'm new to this forum so I guess it's only natural to make a few mistakes. Hahaha

    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    Gnats are due to moist soil between watering. Get a fan pointed to soil and let dry out better. Gnats only use the top inch of soil to live and have babies in...another great thing is top off your pots with gnat is natural ( glass) and perfect

    elephantSea Well-Known Member

    I think it has too much molasses without bubbling it first. It'll get rid of your gnats too.
    Old Bubblehead

    Old Bubblehead New Member

    Have used Buddha grow and bloom exclusively for the last 2 geows with good results. Starting a new grow now and will be using it again.

    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    I like the stuff...just not the price.
    Also I do not care what they market all ORGANIC Nutrients STINK.
    I still will be searching out alternatives that are cheaper.

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