Round 1 Low Watt, Closet Grow

Ok Guys/Gals I'm about "Day 33" on one and about "Day 29" on five, and an unknown age on one. It was given to me. Hopefully all Gals :mrgreen:. Any way let me just start off by saying they have been going threw hell since day one.. I had them in MG soil and nutes….. Shitty lighting.. And a lot of i don't know what I'm doing lol. I am however better educated i guess i can say. There in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, watered with sitting distilled water or rain water that i can occasionally get, and in a better light set up. The Day 33 and Day 29 are in with six 14w daylight and two 9w soft white, so far there loving it. I tried changing to the 26w bulbs but they keep burning them… The unknown age had two 14w daylight and a 90w led flood daylight as well. They all have gotten Fox Farms Grow Big in low-moderate doses, i think for only 2 waterings so far. I have a few pics that are from unknown days but I'm posting them so you guys can see the different stages.

Week 1 in my home "Unknown age"

Week 2-2.5 in my home "Unknown age"

Week 3-3.5 in my home "Unknown age"

Day 33 In my home "Unknown age"

Week 2 roughly "Day 33" and "Day 29"

Today "Day 33" and "Day 29"

^^"Day 33" is front left and all other are "Day 29"

^^"Day 33" i know, looks stressed been threw a lot.. just now returning back to normal state.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions!! First Grow and also new to RIU!!! :leaf:
I got a few pics for tonight.

On the 15th i got back from vacation, i started by tossing 2 of the 7 i had. One had a few diseased leaves that looked like it had a parasite maybe…? No signs of this on any of the other plants. And the other plant was topped a about a week and half ago, i noticed that it was growing stronger on one side other then thee other one was. Looked deprived of energy to live.

On the 16th i tied down 3 of the 5, one of which was the girlie i think i have not 100% yet to small to tell. Accidental darkness. She was already aggressively LST'ed, i gave her last week to rest. I tied her down with 4, cut and bent clothes hangers and the other 2 were previously toped and were tied down also with only 2 hangers.

Lights were also moved about 3-5 inches from the plants now, while the 6" fan is propped up blowing hot air out of the closet. What i don't have shown is that i propped up the 2 plants in the gal jugs up with a roughly 10" box to get closer to the cfls. Now I'm hitting 75-77 degrees now, i really want to keep them at 77 the lowest. So i added a 26w flood cfl, i hope it doesn't had a lot of heat over the conventional open spiral cfls like i have on them now.

The 15th before the "girl" was tied back down.

Cant forget to smoke some sticky

Tied down Girlie.
Tied down the 2 that i toped last week.

One of the biggest ones i have "tallest".

Top view of the one above^^.

Earlier today, only difference is the fan location, and the propped up plants aren't up to date in this pic.
Little bit of an update. I now have a a 5gal bucket with about 3 gals of tap water in it, there is a air pump running 2 air tubes right into the underwater pump "wave maker". The underwater pump then shoots the bubbles threw out the water, allowing the chlorine to dissipate over time. Im hoping 48-72 hours will be good enough to clear the water of the chlorine, and making the water "okay" enough for the plants.

This was all made with things that i have had in the past, 0 dollars spent! :mrgreen:

I also did some small things to the girlie i have, after being LST'ed I'm trying to push her to grow upwards with wood stakes. This was the start of a beginners mainline. Any how i did prop up thee other plants, they all are around the same distance away from the light. <-- How it should have been from the start.. My cat wanted to put his half of the work in also :lol:. Don't troll me for the jugs all i had for now going to get a pot for each of them this week.

Ahh i may have been able to but the only place i had the photos were on my photo bucket.. Sucks and I'm still out of a camera. This grow died any how only clones left hopefully they root up, if they do then ill have a new grow going. Looking forward to seeing some updates to your grow tho!
Spider mites got the better of them... I had a spider mite spray that said spray as needed till gone.... Load of crap after the 5-6 spraying, I noticed that they were starting to droop to the side.. The main stem not the fans or nodes.
Id like to have my cab done real soon, I have about 15 new strains coming!!


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That's a shame, spidermites are fuckin' annoying!!

I hope you never have them again!!
I'm loving different strains on one run!!

Looking forward!! Cheers!