Second dwc grow and curing... looks good, smells good, tastes terrible!???

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    hi everyone. I recently finished my second grow. I have been doing dwc. My first and second grow were both Skunk No. 1. Plants grew fast and looked good. But both times... fucking damn it all... I have been curing for three weeks now after drying in 50% humidy for 1 week. It looks great, smells great, no mold (burping and watching it for too much moisture), but it still tastes terrible after 3 weeks. My first grow I got frustrated (same problem) and turned the buds into qwiso which also didn't taste great. And now I have 5 ounces of dried, curing crap. Any advice? Should I give it 6 weeks or more before it tastes good? The flavor reminds me of green hydro taste??? Again... even when the buds are broken open they smell dank... almost like artificial grape flavor. The taste is so disappointing Lol

    Yes it was also flushed for almost two weeks. Please do not recommend that I need to flush.

    I used GH duo/calmag/floralicious-plus in a bubble bucket with stable temps, a 250 watt HPS (first grow was 150 watt HPS), good pH level at all times, water changed weekly, great ventilation... blah blah blah I've read a lot about this and both grows went great. I just can't figure out the flavor. The seeds were Flying Dutchmen Skunk No. 1. Maybe it's a strain thing. I am growing Amherst Sour Diesel now... maybe that'll taste good someday Hahahaha

    Any advice from actual growers? ... not the people that have read a lot but don't actually grow haha. I consider myself a connoisseur and am most concerned about flavor. Most dispensaries here can't get the flavor right either. I go through a friend for herbs that gets the sweetest most wonderful tasting buds. I am jealous as fuck that I can't grow them like that. However I am not giving up yet

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    Anyone? I'm just entering flower and pretty much have the same setup, would like to know as well.

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    Shit man wow somebody else is out there hahaha. I am thinking it's the strain and I am really thinking I chopped it too early. I have a sour diesel plant going now that I am going to watch carefully with a jeweler's loupe.

    Growdict Well-Known Member

    skunk no 1 is not known for sweet taste, neither is SD. lotsa BB crosses to try, also sweet tooth, pinapple express, strawberry cough, .i like the Sweet seeds cream caramel.
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    Skunk #1 and Sour d are the tastiest sweetest, wtf?! Mine make my mouth water at every stage. I dont use jars, I dry until the twigs snap and smoke it, like the bibles say. curing is for tobacco. two weeks flushing is absurd. those nutes automatically reduce the amount of nutes towards finish without.

    explain your "flush"
    your ppm's through flower too ?

    I believe you missed your mark with the nutrient schedule, over fed , maybe the cal mag too. you use city water?

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    Hmmmmmmm! I use either spring water or filtered Brita water. After Brita and nutrients ph level is usually exactly 5.7 to 5.8. I have been reading that flushing for two weeks is overrated. Sour D is my favorite tasting strain yes:) When I flushed I used pH balanced water. Maybe that's a mistake too. Just plain water? Right now my sour d is drinking about a gallon every two days as did my two previous skunk grows. Not much signs of overfeeding... no burnt tips... leaves look great until flushing. Buds look good too. But yeah it's almost a green chemical flavor. I also read that cutting too early ruins flavor. I cut at day 52 (after seeing first little hair grow-I don't count transition week) but 50 to 55 days was recommended. I bet I cut to early. I now have a jeweler's loupe and will be watching the current sd grow to keep from harvesting too early.

    Also I just got the sugar cane version of Floranectar. Maybe that'll help?

    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    I concur.
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    Scrogdawg New Member

    I agree on the cutting to early.
    Also, when flushing, the leaves should be turning yellow from the nute deficiency using only water. If the leaves are still green and healthy then there is still nutes in the plants, keep flushing. Good luck with the Sour Diesel.
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    Ah thank you. Here's some sour d pics. It's about the 4 th week of flower. I added Floranectar to my soup several days ago during nutrient change

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    majins Well-Known Member

    Are you leaving them in the dark for 12-24 hours before cutting.
    Iv also found the water I use to flush makes quite a difference.
    If I PH plain water they get a worse taste then using plain water with out PH even tho its at 8.0.

    Other wise if you wanted to try something else you could try water curing one of the buds and seeing if that makes a difference. Then youll know the bad taste is something water soluble so would rule out genetics.
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    70's natureboy

    70's natureboy Well-Known Member

    Keep trying different strains until you get one that tastes good. I go through this all the time when I try new strains. I hear the hype, get suckered on the fancy name, it grows nice, looks nice, smells nice, but the taste and buzz are sub- par. You can get a bad phenom too. My favorite tastes are mendocino madness and nyc diesel. I am recently getting disappointed on some pieapple express. Taste and buzz are too weak for my taste.
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    Interesting! I never considered that! Yes keep growing

    Rider509 Well-Known Member

    Chemphlegm and Scrogdawg are on to something. Two weeks of flushing and your plants are still greener and healthier hanging upside down than a lot of people's plants while they're growing. You aren't getting the nutes washed out of the root mass. And so dark green! You must be right on the razor's edge of going into nitrogen toxicity (Dawg would disagree, lol)
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    Chunky Stool

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    Two things:
    1) Buds should not be that hairy. You definitely chopped early.
    2) Having enough potassium makes a HUGE difference in quality. Floralicious Plus has some, but I bet bumping it up a little will help.
    Maxicrop makes a dry seaweed that's 0-0-17 and works great.
    Or you can get 5 lbs of potassium sulfate 0-0-50 on Amazon for $16 (delivered). Since you only need 1/4 tsp per gallon, 5 lbs is a lifetime supply.
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    KilledByDeath Member

    thank you all! Onwards and upwards!

    chuckie86 Well-Known Member

    • Sour d looks really healthy buddy you will get it right eventually good luck
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    KilledByDeath Member

    Thanks man! It's almost at day 60 now but definitely a few more weeks.

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    I was reading an interesting article about seed breeder estimates for flowering. This one article said a lot of breeders don't start counting days until the first flowers are formed! This is like a week or two after seeing the first hair (which is when I start counting). And it's probably 3 or 4 weeks after flipping to 12/12. I am almost at the recommended day 70 and I am thinking it's gonna be another couple additional weeks. Looking at trichomes a lot this time around. Geeze imagine people that start counting when they flip to 12/12. How the fuck does that work? Hahahaha

    chuckie86 Well-Known Member

    Yea some take a long time I have a WW that's been growing for like 4-5 months and only been flowering about 6-7 weeks and it barley has any bud formation and if it don't.start to do something in next 2-3weeks. Ima chop it down I got a bunch more I just started and one OG Kush that got maybe 2-3 weeks ID guess but I guess it takes time I like to grow and I don't get high I supply lol

    KilledByDeath Member

    Cool man. I wish I could find this damn article. It was an actual grow article and not a forum post. It basically said that your plant's not a machine and you gotta let it do it's thing before cutting. I really think most seed breeder estimates should have an additional week or two added onto it

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