Second grow (clones from the first)

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    To start, your petioles were turning purple at the back of that last pic on the other thread. And in today's day and age, you should be at least using vero29 instead of cxb3590s if you want to go the COB route. Arent veros like cheaper and more efficient if ran at a lower voltage? You probably knew that already though since youre the self proclaimed expert.

    Oh my, a big pile of weed. Post the plants before they are cut so we can critique your growing techniques and your looks to be pre bought or at least fancy as fuck COBs.

    My internodal spacing owned yours. Why dont u reply to me on that thread? Lol

    Why did u have to pm me to show me your lights? You answer half the shit in pm? Fucks wrong with u? Lol

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    did you say something about putple?

    dude you have 2ft of plant material

    I have 6
    mind you my moms are sitting in 3gal fabric pots
    all you have to do is compare the pot to the plant hight
    as you are sitting in a 5gal bucket
    you have some pretty small plants and even smaller buds
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    Wisher2 Well-Known Member

    find the purple

    oh by the way
    I apologize for putting together professional looking lights
    that is wish tech 2015
    pretty much paid for itself
    3years oly $350.00 in material

    Wisher2 Well-Known Member

    also never PM'd you my lights

    here is the extent of our pm conversation
    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    so that is the entire pm

    and by the way
    no QB's still dont outperform COB's
    not that I have seen
    Not on this sight
    the home of QB's No?

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    Strips would be better for corners and have less hotspots so can get closer for cheaper vs runni g tons of cobs at low power... Lm561c s6 bin doides or even the newer 200+ lm/w ones that quantum ia tinkering with at the moment. diodes. A custom strip build would blow COBs out of the water. Quantum is just a ripoff of samsungs doides. All quantum does is gets china to make them a PDB. Good ole rollitup.

    My journey on this site started with realizing that quantum boards are just a buncha samsung diodes on a PDB. Lol

    Wisher2 Well-Known Member

    hey whats up with all those purple stems?
    Dosnt that mean the plant is in need of something, Magnesium perhaps?

    Hey didnt you say something about Samsung Strip
    you are running Citizens arent you? How budget friendly. But isnt that "old tech"? Isnt that what you were schooling me on? How my 3590's were old
    and because my lights look professional that somehow that is "Shit Garbage"?
    but yet my 3590's that I have been running since 2015 are light years ahead of your citizens....literally...
    "not tryin to be an ass" just pointing out the know.....trying to give you positive pointers

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    I want you to document your most epic grow to show me up. These plants will be done soon and id like to compare.

    Wheres all your bud shots? No one gives a shit about veg plants. Why u showing me a zoomed in tiny lil foxtail looking bud? Lets see sone full near end budding pics

    Wisher2 Well-Known Member long did it take you to realize quantum were just Samsung diodes? bro come on

    and I would switch over if I had the money to throw around on toys
    but until Samsung can show me that they outperform my Cree's there is no use spending money

    but if you want to get serious
    has the parts list and everything for you

    but none of this explains why you have 2ft plants in 5gal buckets

    just seems like a waste of Peatmoss


    coco grown

    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    According to the jorges cervantes excess and deficiency chart, purple stems are a result of a sulfur deficiency combined with an overall nute def. Is jorges wrong? And you are right instead


    For my first grow, i happened to not pick the most epic lights out there. But i got a sweet deal on citi from kingbrite. Not the scam artists on here. Lol

    165USD shipped for a meanwell 240h c1400a and passive heatsinks with 4 citi cobs kit. Id say good price.

    If i knew about strips before i hit the button on COBs, i would have had a strip build. Samsung Strips are better. Period. Even vero cobs are better and cheaper than both if ours. See how im pushing products that im not using? Cause im just listing the best. .

    Wisher2 Well-Known Member

    is this all you have to say

    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    Your right. It was a waste of peatmoss. Till i reuse it. Lol.

    Your lil handfull of roots are cute.


    This was the roots in my lil 2ft plant while i experimented. I was trying to keep a short plant..but i guess that doesn't matter. . You gonna hate on me for experimenting and not just following blindly?

    Ive seen what happens on here to the ones who follow orders from the in crowd...

    Wisher2 Well-Known Member

    actually I have a buddy running vero's
    still not as good as cree sorry
    samsung strips
    nope not as good yet
    show me a grow with samsung that outperforms anything
    I was thinkin of building a strip light to replace my T-5 's in the nursery
    Jorge Cervantes
    dude you have a lot to learn

    Wisher2 Well-Known Member

    my little roots produces 4' plants with 100g dry flower per plant from 1/2 gal pots
    hahahah dude nothing you say has any validity bro
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    Girls, Girls, you're both pretty.....
    can't we just get along? or just both of you post a dick pic and we'll settle who's bigger right now....
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    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member


    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    Even the date sheets say otherwise. Lol. Anyways....

    A lot to learn...everyone...this guy is the new dude who replaced all previous growing knowledge. The new expert. Bow down. Check out his new book cause hes so damn pro and he will sell you anything

    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    Quality over got some brown spots on that shit. Rust spots...makes sense now why that girl does too now. Ha...want me to highlight it? Lol. Stay tuned to see how much my shitty lil grow produces.

    Wisher2 Well-Known Member

    dude you are lost bro
    climb out of your bubble

    nope no HPS for flower
    3590's 3500k ran at 2.1a

    as for quality ehh I do alright

    cant complain

    but maybe I just havnt seen quality yet

    Wisher2 Well-Known Member

    could have sworn your 2' was in a 5gal

    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    I was asking as the leaf edges are curling up. Maybe ph or nutes or water loss...iunno...but something

    Me either...but im just a noob






    From my shitty lil first grow.

    No brown spots...just sweet tasty purp ones ;)

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