Secret garden - Exotic Genetix pheno hunt

Hey fellow growers, i'm doing a new hunt of Exotic Genetix gear and i want to share the experience with you guys...

So let's go to it.

- Peanut Butter N Chocolate x 11 (Dosidos x Mint Chocolate Chip) - Exotic Genetix
- Paradise Circus x 11 (Tropicanna Cookies x Tina) - Exotic Genetix
- Tropbanger x 7 (Headbanger x Tropicanna Cookies) - Highdogs

VEG Setup for hunt
- Space:
Garden Highpro 100x100x200 tent
- Lights: LED CXB 3590 250w

VEG Setup for clones
- Space:
Garden Highpro 80x80x160 tent
- Lights: LED Bridgelux 300w

- Space:
VIVO Sun 240x120x200 tent
- Lights: 4x LED Samsung LM301h 240w (total 960w)

Germination method: Paper towel
(Peanut Butter N Chocolate 11/11 germinated)
(Paradise Circus 9/11 germinated)
(Tropbanger 5/7 germinated)

Total plants: 25 + 6 clones (Tropicanna Cookies, Strawpicanna, Moby Dick, Dosidos x2, Gorilla Glue#4)

Medium: 50% Coco + 50% Perlite
Nutes: General Hydroponics

Week 01 (started 10-04-2021)
dia 03.jpg dia 05.jpg dia 06.jpg

Week 02 (started 18-04-2021)
Dia 08.jpg

I'll be doing week updates, next update i'll bring photos from the clone box.