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Recieved my Rhode Island medical marijuana patient card a few weeks back after a long wait. I am suffering from compressed discs and pinched nerves in my back which causes excruciating lower back pain, and a painful, irritating sciatic nerve pain that runs down the length of my right leg pretty constantly. I am Seeking a compassionate and fully legally operating caregiver who's willing to provide a small amount of meds (1 oz) monthly/bi-monthly free of charge and have a reasonable donation price (under/around $250) for anything over the monthly gift.. Also interested in oils and edibles. Would really prefer someone who Is honest and willing to be open and friendly rather than a strictly business relationship. I hope somebody can help me, if you feel this is you then send me an email and we will go forward from there :) look forward to hearing from someone soon. Please be descriptive in you're reply as to how you can help me. Last time I posted I received a few replies but most were vague. Would prefer to meet someone at a neutral location to discuss future possibilities and sample meds. Thanks in advance :)

Also interested in meeting like minded patients and caregivers, joining collectives and networking with the people in my state.. This program is amazing and still very new to me and i can use all the advice and experience around me as i can get. I'd love to meet other people who are as passionate and thankful of the plant as I am :)


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Hey man. I'm not cg'ing for anybody right now. But I think you should also investigate using a heavy indica/cbd tincture. There's a bit involved in making a professional tincture but the concepts are quite simple and the results are really quite awesome. Especially for those with medium or low tolerance to cannabis.
Hey man thanks for the reply, i appreciate the info! I've tried tincture before and although it offers a nice relaxing body high, I'm not sure it is quite for me as far as pain relief goes. Or it could be the quality of tincture I had wasn't as strong as I might need, I have a pretty high tolerance for marijuana, no pun intended lol. As of now I don't have much access to meds so I figured I'd throw it out on roll it up and hopefully meet some cool people who can help me out :)
Hey guys, I appreciate the responses so far but Ive been pretty clear about what I need. If the patient-CG relationship Ive described doesnt work for you than no need to reply, although i do appreciate it.. I guess this is more suited toward someone who is capable of big yields and wants to expand their garden. Im really set on someone providing cost free meds so as to give me piece of mind and security about the fact that this person will be caring for me, not upping their plant count to sell overages elsewhere.. But once again I appreciate all the responses and hope to find a symbiotic relationship soon
Bump... Still searching for an established cultivator willing to gift me a small amount of meds per month (at least one oz/month) to be my personal caregiver and expand your garden. I would also require an additional 1-3 oz per month which I am more than willing to pay full donation price for. (around $200/oz) Contact email is posted above. Looking forward to all replies, thanks


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I sent you a PM, I'll send another with more information now that I see you're still looking. Peace.


The way I look at this particular kind of request is something that is bound to fail...and it's not surprising to see it go on for 6 months.

The patient asking for free stuff, with the promise of extras, all for graciously allowing the grower to "expand" and "increase numbers", ends up being a pain to deal with. The demands increase. The sense of entitlement grows, and it's not worth being hassled when you're trying to help people.

On the flip side, the grower who needs to double their plant count is either a) doing it wrong, or b) is doing it for the wrong reasons.

Best of luck.


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if you were I'm California I could help you out. I have about 30 people I provide meds for and in cases like yours where the patient wants free meds I offer to set up a space to grow their meds and in exchange they pay me for the electricity consumed an my time, nothing more.

You should look for a scenario like that one maybe rather than asking for free medication. No medication is free a script for xanax without a prescription costs 250 to 300 month.

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in cases like yours where the patient wants free meds I offer to set up a space to grow their meds and in exchange they pay me for the electricity consumed and my time ...look for a scenario like that one maybe rather than asking for free medication. No medication is free
Brilliantly stated. Time is money.

abe supercro

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wow a caregiver can get the "opportunity" to pay your expenses... sign me up. really you should grow your own, then it will all be free. perhaps the electric company will pitch in and your mortgage will magically evaporate. momma always said, it never hurts to ask and there's no such thing as a dumb question. I'm no more jaded than the op is an opportunist. (Ace King, hmm nice name) best wishes
If you cant spare an ounce a month to your patient then youre not a competent grower, point blank.. Im sick of this overcompensating grower victims acting like youre gods gift to patients and the mmj program.. We get it, growing costs money but its not as costly or complicated as most like to make it seem. I see alot of crabby growers with big egos and low yields. Get off your high horses.. If you ppl grew bud half as good as you type on forums youd be giving the stuff away free. What we are allowed to grow off of one patient is more than enough to sustain costs and then some, if you know what youre doing that is. I give away free samples of all of my gear to every patient I know.. If you have a problem with gifting meds to people in need thats your issue and you dont need to do it. What I dont understand is the higher than thou attitude when someone is asking for help. If you cant meet the need, why give your jaded response that adds nothing to the RI cannabis community besides another selfish capitalist grower who has a skewed perception on what caregiver means.. That wasnt what the OP called for. Growers like you make me sick because the only thing you "Care" about is your own pocket but wanna come down on patients looking for help with meds.. My personal cg gifts me an ounce a month free and usually calls me up to remind me more often than i call him for a hand out!!! Then again, he doesnt smoke, grows as a hobby, and isnt just in it to pay the bills but to help people also. Its called compassion and community. I do the same for my patients and patient friends.. The problem is people are quicker to be cynical assholes online than being constructive or better yet, becoming better growers so they CAN be more compassionate.. And taking on patient is an obvious opportunity.. Someone sounds like their projecting their own personal issues onto these forums. Either you cant pay your bills, your yields suck, or your just a douche for trying to project your own shitty attitude onto others.. I hope you people can find peace and love in your lives and that the plant Im assuming you "grow" helps to change your bad vibes. I bet the OP found what he was looking for and his caregiver is a better man than you!!! Good luck!