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If you cant spare an ounce a month to your patient then youre not a competent grower, point blank.. Im sick of this overcompensating grower victims acting like youre gods gift to patients and the mmj program.. We get it, growing costs money but its not as costly or complicated as most like to make it seem. I see alot of crabby growers with big egos and low yields. Get off your high horses.. If you ppl grew bud half as good as you type on forums youd be giving the stuff away free. What we are allowed to grow off of one patient is more than enough to sustain costs and then some, if you know what youre doing that is. I give away free samples of all of my gear to every patient I know.. If you have a problem with gifting meds to people in need thats your issue and you dont need to do it. What I dont understand is the higher than thou attitude when someone is asking for help. If you cant meet the need, why give your jaded response that adds nothing to the RI cannabis community besides another selfish capitalist grower who has a skewed perception on what caregiver means.. That wasnt what the OP called for. Growers like you make me sick because the only thing you "Care" about is your own pocket but wanna come down on patients looking for help with meds.. My personal cg gifts me an ounce a month free and usually calls me up to remind me more often than i call him for a hand out!!! Then again, he doesnt smoke, grows as a hobby, and isnt just in it to pay the bills but to help people also. Its called compassion and community. I do the same for my patients and patient friends.. The problem is people are quicker to be cynical assholes online than being constructive or better yet, becoming better growers so they CAN be more compassionate.. And taking on patient is an obvious opportunity.. Someone sounds like their projecting their own personal issues onto these forums. Either you cant pay your bills, your yields suck, or your just a douche for trying to project your own shitty attitude onto others.. I hope you people can find peace and love in your lives and that the plant Im assuming you "grow" helps to change your bad vibes. I bet the OP found what he was looking for and his caregiver is a better man than you!!! Good luck!
Very very well said and as a patient and caregiver in RI you make complete sense me being on both sides lets me see this. Growing shouldn't be that expensive but if you wanna grow you need to pay to play. Nutes,soil,ph,lights,filters tents. Then you add in good old National grid and your paying to play. But most important is Time man. Insoend Hours I mean hours with the ladies and this is the smallest op I seen. So with all do respect I don't think its a hey in above everyone ego. Some Def F have that especially in RI. (Clowns) but there is alto of love and help and some people are exploding others for free meds