Sharing this sub-forum with Canadian patients


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Hello, We are having issues with someone spamming the Canadian Patients forum and some long-standing members are looking for a quieter place to meet. It would be interesting to share ideas and perspectives with some like minded Aussies as well! Any objections?


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Things have calmed down somewhat in 'Canada' eh,but it's still nice to chat with like-minded people. What is the mmj experience like in Australia?
Well that's good to hear mate, not good to have negativity :)
Mmj scene here is still very much underground and illegal. We supposedly have legalised weed for dying and critically ill people but no doctors will prescribe it. I'd dare say it will be some years before we have anything that comes close to resembling legality!
I got my first seeds many many years ago from Marc Emery, he was top notch for good genetics hey!