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    Hello all! My name is Jelly, I'm a relatively new grower, but i've read tons and got the patience to try until I get it right. I had a thread on another site, but I just don't feel like i'm getting much/if any feedback and I don't like posting when nobody says anything.

    I'm going to copy my post/progress here and hopefully ya'll will be more active :D

    Hello! Long time lurker, recently decided to be active and share my thoughts and trials with everyone. Let me start by saying I'm not very good at forums and posting. I tend to run on, and jump around a lot haha. I built a "high pod" using 8 55w PLLs. DWC 10gal, jacks nutes, one white widow autoflower seed. Long story short, I made a classic noob mistake and chopped her too early. Lots of immature, non-active buds. Very grassy smell despite trying to dry and cure (i'll need lots of work on that)

    The wifey needs about 2oz per month as she uses it for nausea/appetite/anxiety, I stopped partaking so we wouldn't have to buy as much, so I hope the following will be able to supply it, without me having to buy it from the local rip off shady dealer. Boy I could tell some stories there. Just sayin, I miss it. Got a shed I ran 60A service to using some direct burial cable, wired up a proper breaker box and outlets. Now I am currently in the process of installing insulation/sheet rock on the inside. I know nothing I do is anything short of Ghetto, but I figure every little bit is better than nothing at all. While constructive criticism is welcome, keep the hate away.

    Lets begin shall we?
    Here, you see my cheap as possible insulation job. I got the blue foam from a local chicken house farmer, his houses have sat unused for years and he's started to tear them down, I paid 5$ per 4x25 sheet of 1.5" foam.
    I added a ceiling to put sheet rock on. I know it's not the proper way to make a ceiling, but i'm working with whatever i can scrounge and/or have on hand. Future plans may include finishing a ceiling out and blowing in a layer of insulation on top to isolate roof temps from shed space.
    The worst part, is the shed is only 8x12 or so, and I have nowhere else to move all the crap I have stored in here. So, I have to move everything a ton of times to get anything done.
    Right side shot, a random door sitting on my makeshift ceiling for now. May use this, or might just buy a 24" door w/ frame. Can't decide what i'm gonna do yet.
    The above pics was taken 4/10/17. I have been cleaning the left side out and removing all the nails, hooks, and installing the rest of the foam I have. I'm at the point I have to buy more sheetrock, so there won't be much progress besides cleaning and moving crap around. I'm planning on getting more rock and other materials tomorrow after work.

    So, my grow area will be a little room under the ceiling area. I got the following gear at my disposal.

    Ipower 190 cfm 4" fan
    Large 4" can style carbon filter
    Xtrasun 64 6" air cooled reflector (need to get a reducer 6" to 4")
    Quantum 400w dimmable ballast
    400w HPS bulb (forget the brand off hand)
    2 bags Happy Frog soil
    Emerald Harvest nutes
    LOTS of 9w screw in LED Bulbs, 10x 2700, 10x 5000k
    20x cleat low profile bulb sockets (in the mail)
    (I plan on eventually using these for separate mother and clone veg area)

    And I just found out today a friend is getting me two rooted clones (Northern Lights) soon so i need to finish this before I get them.

    The sheetrock should take care of the light leaks from whoever built this shed. I'll say nothing is square, and the previous owner like using nails and hooks to hang everything.

    Should I worry about mudding/sanding/painting given my accelerated time frame (clones given to me soon) ? Panda film/mylar is out of my price range right now, I guess flat white paint would be better than nothing, but is a couple days enough to offgas? I could just wait until I flower these clones out, I'm anxious to get started, hopefully shooting for at least .5 gpw (not that i'm obsessed about getting that much, I just know 200g would last us long enough for me to finish the improvements after the first run)

    I'm not in this for nefarious purposes, I won't be selling, I just want to be free from having to buy it. Our "hookup" is all over the place with prices but its a supply and demand market. 350/oz one time, 240/oz the next, i never know what to budget for because it's different every time.

    Hopefully ya'll still with me.

    My planned grow area is 34"L 53"W x87"H which gives me the following stats supposedly
    12.51 sq ft (is that right?)
    91 Cubic feet

    So my fan should be enough for complete air exchange and keep everything cool. Sound and smell aren't really an issue, but i'd still like to stay stealthy if possible.

    I can't think of anything else right now, I know i can't edit posts till 50 or something, so I tried to remember it all.

    Stay tuned for more, and please for the love of god, say something lol!

    I'll continue the rest I have in another post.

    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    On 4/11/2017
    Tonight, I finished up the sheds insulation/sheet rock.

    I picked up some more material today right after work,
    6 sheets of 4x8 3/8 rock,
    12 2x4 framing studs
    1 gallon Behr Ultra white Zero VOC ultra white "flat"
    more sheetrock screws
    and some other misc crap I didn't need lol

    all in all, in renovation of the shed i've got probably 500$ if you count the wiring and 100' direct burial supply line (I didn't originally run power to the shed for growing, but glad I went overboard now)

    Now some pics.
    Last night we left off with me starting to remove the bench. Tonight I got the rock done, so of course all that shit had to come off the walls.
    Notice I stacked most of my grow related stuff in the corner lol. Tetris anyone?
    IMG_0814.JPG IMG_0815.JPG
    Just inside the door to the shed, left side. (left pic) Made a inside door frame out of 1x4 and painted the jamb flat black. Hopefully this helps block out the light from outside. Didn't pay attention but I think tomorrow night i'll check from the outside when its dark and see if I have any more light leaks. I need a proper locking latch for the shed door. This pic shows just how un square the whole shed was built. I'm glad I didn't do it, I wouldn't claim it even if i did haha. (right side pic)

    Thanks for looking, don't forget to leave a comment if ya looked.

    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    On 4/12/17

    Man, these long nights are rough. Tonight, I started mudding and... Wait for it... Moved more shit around to get to where I could mud things haha. I also got my grow room framed in.

    Once I get all the sheetrock mudded I'll sand, clean up EVERYTHING (DUST) and then paint the inside of the grow room with two coats, I'll figure out what to paint the rest of the shed haha.

    Some pics for tonight.
    I cleaned so much I was able to build the walls inside the shed, yay for not getting eaten alive by mosquitos.

    So, I left a 28" opening, I may get one of those prehung doors and put it in, Or once I get everything done I may just have a removable panel like you see going into attic spaces. Not sure yet. I don't know what I should do there yet, I'm nearing my budget and a panel seems cheaper haha. a prehung door is around 70 bones.

    The going is getting tough, as I work a pretty demanding regular job, get off at 5 and work till 12 or so on the shed.

    Thanks for peeking! It's all coming together!


    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    On 4/13/17
    Sup everyone.

    So I worked later tonight because we had a dinner and then had to go get groceries. That's the only downside of being out in the boonies, takes 30 mins to get to civilization lol.

    So I threw the sheetrock on the inside of the grow room up, then I insulated with some r-13 pink fiberglass insulation, and put the outer sheetrock up.

    I mudded the entire inside of the grow area, so that I can sand and possibly paint in the morning before I go to work.

    Things are coming together now, gotta figure out a door/cover then hook up ventilation/lights and get my grow bags ready.

    Anyone have any recommendations for Happy Frog soil? I got two bags, should I spread it out on a tarp and then cover it with black plastic to kill anything lurking?

    Now for probably what most of you wait for (Like jeez, does that guy ever shut up?) Pics!

    IMG_0818.JPG IMG_0821.JPG

    So that's all for tonight.

    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    First thing, Didn't get clones tonight as my friend had something come up. Tomorrow though.

    Second: I love Zero VOC paint. One of the first times i've painted without getting a headache. I'll have to recommend Behr Paints, they cover well, and don't stink.

    I'll be finishing up the space tomorrow, so tonight, look at my paint drying lol.
    First coat, bottom. You can still see some of the drywall where the paint has soaked in.
    IMG_0826.JPG IMG_0825.JPG
    Second coat, bottom and top. Boy, you can really tell this flat white reflects. I shined a flashlight at it, and to the eye it looks like it reflects a lot of light. I know about the inverse square law, but alas, something is better than nothing. [​IMG]

    Peace out homies, early night tonight. Been a long week.

    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    On 4/15/17
    Well, Got what feels like a lot of work done today. I feel like I did good anyways. Finger is sore as a bitch, but life goes on and the world doesn't stop just because you shoot a nail almost through it. Was off today (or so i thought, more on that later) and started at it early. Cleaning up the shed vacuuming all the dust i've generated, which feels kinda pointless until i'm done, but i'm trying to keep it tidy so I have less work later.

    Went and picked up my clones, always a scary feeling driving with what the "man" considers illegal. They are pretty small, but not drooping or anything so I think they are rooted. I've got them under a small LED desk lamp (real close) for now until I finish my space. Hopefully only a couple days tops.
    Got the girls today! Two Northern Lights, from a mother plant. They are pretty small, the grow bag they are in is a 1 gallon grow bag. (Got for free too!)
    This was my solution for mounting my light. Using paracord to adjust height. I have some rope cleats screwed in out of sight so I can adjust the height.
    Mostly for creature comfort, as I have the ceiling above the grow area already insulated. I spaced the 2x4's so my R-13 will fit perfectly and have something to staple to. After I put the insulation up, I'll put up some plywood or OSB. I'm done with sheetrock haha.
    Quick connect for exhaust.
    Used an Aluminum dryer vent, so I could isolate the intake/exhaust. This is for the exhaust. Everything coming out of this hole will be filtered so i'm not worried about smell. I've painted it flat black, but i took the picture before I did that.
    This will be my intake. I shouldn't hamper flow, and even if it does, my fan is strong enough it should help generate negative pressure. Also painted flat black. On the inside of the grow room, I have a 4" 90 degree elbow painted flat black and a square under it also painted flat black.
    IMG_0833.JPG IMG_0834.JPG
    Got my ACR unboxed. and mounted where I want it. I love that hammered finish on the reflector!
    And, for the bummer of the night. I didn't know I needed an adapter, and my hydro store guy neglected to mention I'd need one.
    Amazon to the Rescue! I live so far out even with "1 day" shipping I won't get it until Tuesday.

    Well, time to go browse the forums.
    Comments welcome and appreciated!

    That ends my current progress on the old site. I may take over here permanently.

    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    So today was kind of a Lazy day, I didn't get much done, except figure out that I need to spend MORE money of course.

    I got my ballast mounted in the grow room, close to the intake. I plan on having a small fan inside for air circulation. I painted a flat black square on the floor under the elbow, along with the elbow interior. I'm amazed at how well flat black keeps light from reflecting. The ceiling shot is where i put insulation up. OSB will go up tomorrow. I finally feel like this may come together soon.

    I think i'm just going to buy a prehung door, 24" probably. I'll know for sure when I go to town tomorrow.

    If you've made it this far thanks! Let me know what you think!

    IMG_0837.JPG IMG_0838.JPG IMG_0839.JPG IMG_0840.JPG IMG_0841.JPG

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Looks solid from here. Make sure those clones are getting light, don't let them stay soaking wet.

    I'll keep an eye on ya.

    Welcome to rollitup!

    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I've got them under a small LED clip on light. They aren't stretching, sagging, or having any perceptible leaf issues. They kinda got what appears to be some bug spots on them, but i haven't seen any new ones pop up. Here's how they look tonight. The top of the soil is dry, I gotta get my ph meter out and test my water in the morning. I think they'll be ok overnight as it's not hot in my room and it's just sitting on my desk right now.

    IMG_0858.JPG IMG_0859.JPG
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    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    Leaves were kinda droopy so gave the seedlings a little water, saw little white larvae things in the bottom of the grow bag and after some googling, It's my opinion they might possibly be Fungus Gnat larvae. So I'm going to let them dry out as much as possible and next watering will mix 1:4 3% hydrogen peroxide, water as this is supposed to kill them. Might sprinkle some cinnamon on top of the soil as well. I didn't have gnats until i brought the clones inside, so i'm certain it's contaminated soil. I want to eradicate these sum' bitches before I plant them in their bigger pots. I don't need my expensive soil contaminated as well.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    There's this stuff called GoGnats that's pretty effective at dealing with fungus gnat larvae, it's basically cedar oil. I'd go with that.

    Put your hand under the light near your climes. If your hand gets hot, it's too much for the plants. So far things look good with them. Don't do anything drastic or you'll risk having to start over.
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    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    Noted, will write it down and try to remember that.

    Things are looking pretty good today.

    Just waiting on parts to come in.
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    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    Today I installed a door i built at work, still need to light proof it. But i'm tired from putting OSB on the ceiling by myself. That's the only down side about projects like these, can't exactly ask for help haha.
    IMG_0862.JPG IMG_0861.JPG

    Tomorrow i'll get my ballast adapter in, and start the real fun! Most the major construction is finished, so everything else I do, like paint and then move a couch in and a 42" LCD leftover from an upgrade will make for a pretty chill man cave.

    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    So, did some more light proofing, around the door and such. I hooked up my ventilation since the ballast adapter came in, got everything inside the grow space cleaned up and ready for my first grow!

    How do you guys keep track of your grows? Spreadsheet? Threads? Notebook? Wing it?

    When I pulled the Jiffy Pots off, the roots were starting to reach the edges, so I'd say they are healthy and on their way to being big healthy girls.

    I didn't water them in the new soil, as I want to encourage root growth into the new soil. Was this a good move? The soil wasn't dry and crumbly, kinda held together like sand does when you squeeze a lump in your hand.

    Getting my ventilation situated was fun. I had to add some boards across my light bar holder so I could route everything. I used bungee strap on the fan to keep the vibration to a minimum, and I drilled a hole in the top of the carbon scrubber and added an eye bolt so I could use it to help support the weight.

    I've got the lights 3ft away for the first night, the manual on the 400w ballast says 14" is optimal but these clones haven't been hardened off yet.

    tonight's kind of a test run of the new space, I have the lights on 18/6 and dark starts at midnight. I hope temps stay where I want them.

    Oh, I've got two kinds of 1 gallon grow bags. One is Fabric, one is plastic. Curious to see which one does better.

    Anyways, pics!
    IMG_0870.JPG IMG_0871.JPG IMG_0867.JPG IMG_0868.JPG IMG_0869.JPG IMG_0872.JPG

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Definitely water in your transplants, just not too much.

    So far so good!
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    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    I will water them in the morning. My nutes say 2ml per gallon of water for early transplants, Should I mix a gallon and use it in the morning or just water for now?
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Use nutrient mix, the light transplanting mix will work fine.
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    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for the advise. I appreciate it muchly.
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    Budget Buds

    Budget Buds Well-Known Member

    Those plants look very heavy sativa too me , I have 6 peakseeds NL going right now and they are way way thicker leaved then what your showing pics of. I've never seen a true northern lights anything close to those pics, Just an FYI
    Budget Buds

    Budget Buds Well-Known Member

    Lights were still on so I snapped a pic of what I mean. 20170419_025505.jpg

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