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    Michael Huntherz

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    Mid-power Samsung or Bridgelux strips, with efficient drivers, all day
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    I live in south Texas so with the AC on at 72, my room runs 80. I just use fans and open up a few doors to increase airflow. My point was when I added a 280 watt QB my room only increased a degree or two. I just have a fan blowing on the driver...
    I’ve noticed my indoor plants compared to the clones of the same plants I placed outside, have almost no smell. Terps are very fruity, with a little skunk but not strong. I’ll chop in a few days, so I’ll see how it’s done.
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    Michael Huntherz

    Michael Huntherz Well-Known Member

    Yo @shorelineOG Sour Glue is Sour Diesel and GG4, right?

    I hope so, seems like I just dropped three of those, too. Not that I have anything against the Sour Grapes, but Sour D and GG4 is like country cousins getting funky. Uhhh, hot like fire?

    Honestly, I’m not sure where I was going with that... :bigjoint:Guess this bubble hash works.
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    Yes it's a sour d male x gg4.
    On the temperatures, greenhouses get 120 all day in the summer and the plants love it. It's a tropical plant so they can take some heat and humidity, especially in veg.

    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    Lol no plant loves 120F weather besides a cactus.

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    kona gold

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    Where in the tropics does it get to 120 degrees?
    Most tropical climates are in the 80-90's in the summer.
    Plants vegging might be ok with that temperature in a greenhouse, but budding plants will not like it.
    Even running light DEP, you better have some exhaust. You put a blackout cover over a 120 degree greenhouse and you asking for trouble.
    1st of all when the temperature increases so does the airs ability to hold water. So when the temperature starts to drop the ability for the air to hold water decreases. So the relative humidity increases. So the air becomes saturated!!
    Maybe in very few rare dry climates could this be accomplished, but you have to have some major exhaust as the temperature drops.
    Tropical and sub tropical climates are already heavy with humidity, as well as most of the mainland.
    So that would be mold city.
    Also those high temperatures affect the flavors and potency, as well as flower structure big time!
    Sure there maybe an occasional freak that might be able to handle those temps outside(greenhouse), but the climate has to very dry. And huge amounts of co2 in the air, or pumped in.
    Inside, in a tent or grow room, 120 for an extended period will kill plants!
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    mista sativa

    mista sativa Well-Known Member

    Maybe he meant can handle 120. I agree not too much of anything likes to be that hot. I know temps will jump up to 110 down here. Plants still do relatively well. Growth will slow down of course, but even going into flowering temps may be 85-90, and they stack quite nicely. When temps are that high the plants puts out quite a bit of smell... If it was legal here I would definitely use a shade cloth for the majority of the day. Some strains handle heat way better. We can grow some shit down here that Canadians will never even see. Pure blooded Sativas like old timers haze... there are definitely sub tropical or tropical regions that get close to 120, and you could grow cannabis there
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    kona gold

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    Please share with me where these 120 tropical and subtropical zones are?
    I personally have never heard of such places. Not saying i'm right, but never heard.
    Only places I know that get that hot are arid dessert type of zones like Cali.
    And possibly other dessert regions in Africa. But I would have to look into these areas and see if they are equatorial.
    Also the reason they are smelling so strong are because the terpenes are becoming volatile!
    That means they are not going to be present in the dry flower.
    85-95 in a greenhouse when budding is not going to be a huge problem, but you run 90's indoor when you are budding and that's a big no no!!
    Your end product will burn hot and have much flavor loss as well as not as potent.
    Flavors are at their peak in cooler temps.

    Sure vegging is totally different. Plants can handle that outside.
    But keep your tent at 120 and tell me what happens!

    Just FYI....South Africa is approximately 30 degrees south. That is not tropical of subtropical, neither is California.

    Those are rare temperate zones.
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    we got shoreline gear on the website
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    maurostu04 Member

    I don't see the shoreline bx on the website.
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    Does O.E.S. Ship to Canada?
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    Wesohoodrich Member

    The tempurature here in colorado can reach the high teens for about 3 weeks in summer. You need venting in greenhouses for sure, but evaporative cooling helps because it is so dry

    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    I live in colorado broski , it don't get that hot here ever, record temp is 100F here, only hot part of colorado is in the desert and not many people live out there.
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    hydgrow Well-Known Member

    You must be up north? Cause it gets 110+ here in Pueblo and anything South. Lol

    The Desert of Colorado ehh? Lmao
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    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

    1/3 shoreline bx , I think I burnt the other two or something cause they turned black during the germ and never cracked.

    2 sour x shoreline made it

    1 glue shoreline made it

    1 sour glue made it

    4 pck x sour grapes made it

    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    Are those testers?
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    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

    Yes sir , the rest of those beans are my home made chucks and two bag seeds. J1 and c99

    Wesohoodrich Member

    Lol no one lives here in Pueblo!
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