Show off your glass!


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Not a big collection (yet) but here's what I've got. From left to right we got Bruce Lee, Jerry, Bloo, Shirley, and Peace Pipe (Wizard pipe depending on if it's Halloween or not) Let's see what ya got! I got a zong signed and numbered by the maker himself and fumed in 24k gold. And I won a free g pen roam. Winning


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Part 2
- Start here - last month
Bought a 18" beaker on sale. Very thick glass, ice pinch, SMOOTH hitter it ticks all the boxes except one:
When I got home, I set it on the table and noticed for the first time that it looks like an 18" glass dildo with a bowl attached.
Oh, THAT's why it was on sale. Crap.
Well, it works great and only my Wife sees it...but it's just obnoxious now.

Part 1
- The second part - mid '80's
I finally got to go on a fishing trip with some older guys I idolized in my teens. After the second stop, the boat owner says, "Well boys, I think we should stop down for a minute to repair the sails."
Looking at me, he said, "Hey grommet, go in the console under the wheel and find the sail kit. It's a piece of bamboo wrapped in line."
I found the sail kit easily; a 3" thick, 8" long piece of bamboo with bank line tied around it and a label, "Sail Kit". I was a wide eyed 15 year old boy on the ocean with real men, so I didn't ask - I just fetched. But I couldn't help wondering what we would possibly use a sail kit for aboard a 30ft. power boat???
I handed the Capt. the kit; he twisted the braided cap from the bamboo and spilled the contents onto the dinette table - 2 lighters, a few used screens, a metal pipe and a whole eighth of sinsemilla! - That was a great trip.

Part 3
- This Morning
What happens when you quarantine Lockedin with a few ounces of weed, a phallic bong, and 50' of decorative manila line?
My take on a needle case (sail kit) -
One, single, unbroken 40(ish)' piece of line grafted onto the main stem to remove / add certain "elements" of this piece.

Yes. It's dirty - hopefully a bit less so now! bongsmilie