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    Not exactly - Schmoe said
    I say that can be a problem with some lines that lower the pH to then have to use a significant amount of UP to adjust. Many UP's contain potassium silicate as a main ingr.
    Si reacts with Ca, and forms a presip. and the pH of the water does not change that. Hence, if using an UP. You have 2 choices.

    #1: Learn how much UP you need to use to get where your target pH is in a gallon of feed. Then add that amount first.

    #2: Get a pH up adjuster that does not use potassium silicate. Technoflora is one, and G&H up is another that do not use K2O3Si.....

    I would also add the Ca last....personal choice.

    Use of Si in soil is not required and the actual benefits are rather muted. Soil plants get all they really need from the soil.....You water, you get Si available to the plant from the action of hydration. Organic soils increase availability a bit more.

    Grass's do require a bit extra and this is best exemplified by rice.
    Broad leaf plants grown in soil, not really....
    In hydro growing, it's a good idea to use Si.
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    These are my 3 main nutes
    From clone to end of flower
    I won't be using any others from now on

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    Hey - my water after boiling it is around 7.8-8.0pH. So if I do add raw silica to the water it could raise pH to around 10. So lets say that happens. When I normally add my nutes (whether its molasses, coco water and aloe vera juice or just organic plant food) the boiled water pH always drops to 4.8-5.0 range. So in theory if the silica raises the pH lets just say for sake of discussion, 2 points, my ending pH after adding the silica to the water and then my nutes should be around 7ish. Is this a feasible conclusion IYO?

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    Feasible but of course check your ph. Organic fertilizers are made with an acidic ph to extend their shelf.

    RayRay747 Well-Known Member

    Def. SInce I am growing in organic soil, after adding nutes I end up with that 4.8-5.0 pH - would you just feed the soil with that pH level? Or would you pH up? I know most people will scream at me and say dont ever pH with organic soil but I guess I am having a very very very hard time making myself feel at ease with feeding with that low of pH. I always thought the pH of water should be higher...

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    I don't do anything but living organic soil in large pots indoors and massive planting beds outside and in greenhouses. I always adjust my solution up to 6.3-6.5. I've always had loads of biological activity. There's mushrooms growing out of the soil in almost every crop, indoor and out. Big patches of mycelium too.

    The big thing, I think, is that with rich living soil you shouldn't have to worry about the ph so much because it buffers it itself. That may be the case but I'm still not going to feed my living soil with a solution that's out of ph range.

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    I apologize as I dont mean to hijack the thread from the OP but I am wondering if You could point me in the right direction for a CBD strain? It has helped my ailing mother not have a second hip transplant and I would really like to provide her oil to her instead of where she now buys it.
    PS I am trusting your judgement on the fact you are also a fellow lover of fly fishing .
    Again sorry for the hijack
    Cheers :)

    SchmoeJoe Well-Known Member

    It's as simple as googling "best cbd" strains. Leafly has a list with detailed descriptions based on user reviews.

    GreenHighlander Well-Known Member

    I did both ( not being lazy) and it hasnt helped me at all on deciding what to actually get and where to get it.
    Anyway sorry again for hijacking.

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    I really don't think I can pick a certain strain and expect it to be the right one for your mom. I'd say something like the Otto#1 I've got if you can find it that has less than 1% THC. No or very little buzz other than maybe feeling a bit relaxed and serene I'd imagine. Maybe something with more THC might be good for the pain tho too. I'd look for an Indica leaning CBD strain for that. The Sativa leaning Sweet Skunk CBD seemed awesome for my arthritis and depression but she'll have surgical pain which is different than arthritis pain which is caused by inflammation.

    Bit of a crap shoot I'm sorry to say. Blame prohibition for 80 years of lost research opportunities. :)

    Good luck and a Merry Xmas for you and yours! xmastree.gif


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    Do not use enzymes. If you are in retail commercial supply, you would be aware that they test for enzymes now too.
    I've never considered using them, so I did not read further into it. But, I know about it.

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