skywalker dutch passion


I’m getting ready for my first grow , come to find out my favorite strain of all time is discontinued. Does anyone know where I can find some Skywalker by Dutch Passion. I’m a medical patient from Illinois. Thanks in advance.


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ILGM has skywalker OG. I know it’s not by Dutch passion but in case you can’t find what you’re looking for.

conor c

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Might not get seeds but theres a list of hybrids on here maybe worth a look



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doesn't dutch passion have a blueberry x mazar auto,ive looked for skywalker also but seems its done.
ive got a Greenpoint strain skydweller which is skywalker x stardawg but it tastes nothing like the dutch passion one.
good luck looking

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If you want real deal blueberry strains look into DJ Short or his son who runs Second Generation Genetics.
real deal only in the since that it comes from them/. cause there BLUEBERRY stuff isn't in the same league pf their past genetics before his loss of mothers/fathers. yet for years there have been strains that give more BB taste and aroma than DJ's stuff.
just to put it into perspective that i'm not hating. my no. 1 of all time is a pre 2k BB cut outkastt and others had and shared. hope to germ beans from me knock it up to save the genetics to a point.