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    Starting up some Space Dragon S1 feminized from Southern Oregon seeds. Running a 600 watt LED light in Happy Frog soil. I am trying to start a grow Journal but it won't let me. I emailed roll it up and they said that I need to be more active. What do I do?
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    Chip Green

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    You'll need to accumulate more posts, and "likes" from other members to increase your points total, so your status will grow.
    There are two schools of thought on how to accomplish this goal...

    1. Contribute to discussions peacefully, when applicable, share opinions and or ideas....

    2. Actively participate in senseless arguments, utilizing third grade level name calling, in an effort to inflate you post numbers....

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    Most use option 2 in the LED section it seems.

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    Ok, thank you everyone.

    I was able to get the journal started.
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    So THATS the secret!
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