Space Genetix Gorilla Strawberryback

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    cheeseofchud Well-Known Member

    most of the plant pics and info are from spacegenetix,i have not found one grow and/or smoke report from customers yet....but i do have 4 in veg now
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    Vato_504 Well-Known Member

    Here y'all fellas go IG is clutch get cha one

    GranolaCornhola Well-Known Member

    Are you freaking kidding me? That is supposed to be a grow/smoke report. I guess we all had better get a "clutch" IG account so we can see pics of a single random, average looking bud that looks nothing like the breeders pics. Where are the trichs? I just love the in depth, comprehensive, subjective report that you tout, which consisted of ONE WHOLE freaking sentence..."Mad taste, fruit." Yeah, you've proven your point there.

    Anything on germ rates, male to female ratios, growth rates, sensitivity to nutes, how well the plant takes to training, yields, density of buds, any pics of the plant growing at any time in its life cycle by someone other than the breeder, FREAKING ANYTHING? Hell no.

    Once again, overpriced seed from untested, unproven breeder. Go take a look at the Tony Green thread and see what verified grows entail. If I want something gorilla, TG is obviously the one I would go with, as he's actually worked the line, not just thrown everything at a GG clone.
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    Vato_504 Well-Known Member

    Say man it's not my fault you're a cheap skate. If you don't like them why keep posting in their thread? But we both know what tire doing. You're complaining to see if they'll throw you a free pack. You not slick fam but keep it up they might throw you something.
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    GranolaCornhola Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I don't want a free pack of anything. I dont have a self proclaimed badass seed collection either, I grow plants, I don't collect seeds. I made a simple observation about a company charging a premium price for unproven seeds, which they are on both counts.

    You then became butthurt, went on to say others charge alot for their seeds too, somehow using that as a justification to defend their price gouging.

    You then went on to say they have grow reports, which they dont. Then you stated if I went on IG like a seasoned professional such as yourself, I would see them.

    You then send a sorry ass pic, and a one sentence statement in an attempt to lend credence to your false statement that these "breeders" have bona fide reviews from growers, which they don't.

    Once again, if I want the gg, I'd get the clone, or if I wanted a variation of it I would go with Tony's. Which btw, has multiple verified ongoing reviews and grow reports. Go ahead get what you want, there is a difference between being cheap and blowing your cash, and wasting time that could be spent growing proven genetics. A fool and his money are soon parted.
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    waterproof808 Well-Known Member

    If memory serves me correctly, this company started up with a whole line up based off a male from Greenpoint seeds gg4xpolar bear less than a year after they were released.
    Space Genetix

    Space Genetix Well-Known Member

    Yes but you forgot the list of clones on which our work is based
    Hindu Kush ( '97 Cut ) Seletion of the year 1997
    Super Skunk (The Jewell) Selection of the year 1996
    White Widow ('98 Cut) also called Bilbo Cut Year 1998
    NYCD (Tangerine Cut) come to our city direct from the Soma hands
    Shiskaberry (Strawberry cut) few clones of this strain remain, Selection of Spice life seeds year 2005-2006
    Critical Mass (Bilbo Cut) Winner of BCN Higtimes Cannabis cup Year 2006
    Sour Diesel (RiRi Cut) Girl of the year 2006 Hightimes magazine
    and 20 more, soon pics
    Male subdominant with a marked Pheno GG4 that transmits a characteristic unequaled in the crosses Maintaining aromas and other characteristics of mothers one of our most appreciated cuts.
    Intense chocolat smell and flavor
    GG#4 x Polar Bear #41
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    cheeseofchud Well-Known Member

    i tend to agree with GranolaCornhola....and i dont need a pack,i am growing it
    Space Genetix

    Space Genetix Well-Known Member

    I do not understand this message if I think that a car a seed or something else is bad and expensive I do not buy it, you have 4 in veg and you can say something? I respect your opinions even if it is not the same of many other people who grow up Strawberryback and other of our strains.
    Here I leave some photos of other grower


    Peace and Respect
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    JebsCrispyCritters Well-Known Member

    I have to agree, dropping $100 on a pack of beans that is just based off pics and no reports is a complete gamble. My time and space is worth more than $100. That IG nug pic didnt look anything like the posting pics and so I will let the more daring growers punch out a report so I can make a better judgement. And yes , in this day and age of growing you should throw out tester beans to prove your strains worthy to justify a price above todays best breeders and genetics. Get real people.

    Vato_504 Well-Known Member

    Hindu gorilla IMG_0886.JPG
    Space Genetix

    Space Genetix Well-Known Member

    Hi bro!! Nice to see we have also a few now in flowering Hindu pheno is tall and very small branches.
    Thanks for share
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    Space Genetix

    Space Genetix Well-Known Member

    A pics of Sour Gorilla
    Sour Diesel (RiRi Cut) x (GG#4xPB) Male



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    Space Genetix

    Space Genetix Well-Known Member

    A few pics more of Pineapple Cream Cookies

    pcc05.jpg PCC06.jpg pcc12.jpg pcc07.jpg pcc14.jpg

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    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    Did anything ever come from this?I stumbled accross this breeder and the pics look good but thats a crap shoot.Breeder pics dont mean nothing.Breeder is obviously growing out multiple seeds and taking pics of his top 1 out of 100 or so plants.Cant find anything on the net from other growers so i agree the prices this breeder is asking is overboard for untested and unproven genetics.He might be selling seeds based on his breeder pics but i cant find nothing anywhere from real growers
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    cuddlesthesheep Well-Known Member

    I'd just play it safe and stay away.

    ShyGuru Well-Known Member

    I have four of their fem gorilla strawberryback about a week from finish and one that got chopped the other day and is due to be trimmed today. Smells good and is frosty and sticky. The sample bud was very potent. Yield was average, I should have topped instead of growing single cola style. Mine didn't have the pretty colors of the breeders bud but mine looked to have a larger yield. Also have five critical glue at about week 4/5 looking frosty and smelling of sour lime. $10 per bean for fems is on the low side of average so I didn't see it as a bad deal price wise. I have more packs of space genetix and another pack of gorilla strawberryback so I will be running them again.

    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    Keep us updated.thanks

    thecuree Member


    just for people who aint know i am growing

    Gorilla Strawberryback (Shiskaberry (Strawberry cut) x (Gorilla Glue #4 x Polar Bear) 14Beans
    Strawberry Cream Cookies (Shiskaberry (Strawberry cut) x (Cookies and Cream Exotix)17Beans
    Pineapple Cream Cookies (Lilly (Pineapple Cut) x Cookies and Cream Exotix) 7 Beans
    Pineapple Gorilla (Lilly (Pineapple Cut) x Gorilla Glue #4 x Polar Bear) 15 Beans

    i´ve got me a few Packs plus unreleased stuff for testing.

    so far its 51/53 germinated. right now i am pheno hunting so if anyone is interested in pics of any kind let me know

    plus an different notice, i have grown sour gorilla and NYCD and they both were hermie free and fire buds plus yieldwise very nice.

    you should do your research better before leaving any bad comments on untested or whatever your opinion is.

    just saying if you skip those you are sleepin on some extreme solid work of solid breeder and very great human who loves and take care of all his old and new gear

    here to support Space genetix an underrated breeder.

    good vibes
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    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    Oh lawd,first post new screen name and nutswinging on space genetics.yeah I'll have to pass on these fa sho.if you got pics post them u p here.
    I personally think this breeder got a few packs of greenpoint polar bear found a nice male and started pollen chucking than sells his seeds for top dollar.yeah I'll definitely pass

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