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    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    It looks like our rip off artist has resumed operations again. The company called speedyseedz comes in and out of the scene every once in a while once the heat dies down on them.

    Rollitup Members beware of this company last time they went underground they ripped off not only us by not paying their bill they ripped off countless members as well. Any member that is promoting them will be given an infraction as a warning.

    This is for the benifit of the community that we keep a watchful eye on these scam artists.

    Take Care

    DVXSteverino Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up!! I almost was going to place an order.......I think I will put that on the back burner...OH Wait!....Maybe just take of the stove period.......

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Speedyseedz is just the latest company that he has come up with. If any of you remember nongreenthumb he ripped off quite a few other members before he went started doing business as speedy seedz. Just bad at business.

    Viagro Well-Known Member

    Good to know, thanks.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    thanks mr riu..
    i can't believe the balls of sum people.. if i were to rip off people like this clown did, i would never have the balls to show my face around these forums again, or for that matter the entire net.. i don't get some people..
    Juicy Fruit

    Juicy Fruit Active Member

    A BIG thank you for the heads up ^^

    EDIT: I hate these scumbags, I mean yea this is "po-far" socialy to grow right now but to scam/commit fraud is just lower then low, how many countless people need the green to help medicate. I have friends and know many in my area that use to help with pain/treatment of there cancer ect, its a much cheaper option for those who can't afford all the meds that insurance won't nessisarily fully cover.. just erks me
    Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up. It seems I was one of the few who was treated good and got my stuff. I was just thinking about him and just visited his forums.
    I always assumed the paypal problems was his main issue along with being too small to keep up.
    In my individual case, I was happy but I think I will risk my hard earned money elsewhere.
    I guess I was lucky. Thanks for the heads up that the problems remain. You probably saved me from getting screwed for Christmas.

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Here is some more information. The guy just doesnt give up.

    Speedy Seedz: you can put your little announcements up
    Speedy Seedz: thats fine
    Speedy Seedz: at the minute
    Speedy Seedz: i dont want any customers from your site
    Speedy Seedz: i got enough on my forum
    Speedy Seedz: but i will be coming for riu within the next 6 months
    Speedy Seedz: and i will take its crown
    Speedy Seedz: ive got the financial backing to do it now
    Speedy Seedz: to get ranked
    Speedy Seedz: and get in all the directories
    Speedy Seedz: you can do it with time and work
    Speedy Seedz: and you can do it with money
    Rollitup:good luck with that my friend
    Speedy Seedz: and soon within the next 2 months theres going to be tons and tons of good reviews about speedyseedz all around the net
    Speedy Seedz: and ill get sub paid off too
    Rollitup:you had my support i liked you
    Speedy Seedz: then everyone will start jumping ship
    Speedy Seedz: see you in the coming months

    mccord67 Member

    Ugh, what a piece of shit.

    wyteberrywidow Global

    wow..just wow
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    wyteberrywidow Global

    I am a member of club speedy forum but i never knew business was handled this way crazy.Bad business and looks like a little kid the way the convo just went.Thanks for the heads up.
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    sambo020482 Well-Known Member

    always thought he was abit dodgy! and people were going nuts about how good he was not so long ago lol he lives very close to me and kept pestering me to exchange weed for seeds which i never did.
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    dontcopnone Well-Known Member

    He's a criminal, no question about it. I highly doubt that someone who presents themselves in that manner has the financial backing to back their claims. Nevermind that the cost would never be justified or recouped by taking this site "down."

    brick20 Well-Known Member

    good shit on the heads up... for some reason
    attitude is the only seedbank/middleman i trust
    no matter how slow/unspeedy & expensive
    attitude may seem i still will send the bulk if not
    all my orders to attitude...

    shit i got two orders coming now that i placed
    12/15/2010 and 12/16/2010 and i sleep well
    at night knowing that i spent $250+ on seeds
    that i dont even have yet...
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    hillbillybobb Active Member

    what did he mean by "and ill get sub paid off too" what the fuck is that about?
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    green_is_good Well-Known Member

    i think when speedy was in the biz last time he featured some tga, and i guess subcool probably fronted him some seeds on consignment and didnt get paid by speedy. correct me if im wrong anybody.
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    littleflavio Well-Known Member

    yes you are. i was still new to this forum when speedy was at its peak where a lot of people keep raving about him. lol, if i was in hes situation the best thing i could do is make peace with everyone that i fucked up not make myself sound foolish enough
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    toastynoodles Well-Known Member

    I placed a order with him when things were going down hill,got my ordered but it did take a long time.He's ok in my book!!
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    Hydro King

    Hydro King Member


    Hydrotech364 Gen Mod

    Been a while since I ordered from him but he did deliver what I wanted.Seems like it took 2 weeks though.
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