Spider Farmer Black Friday Giveaway, Hurry Up

Doug Dawson

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OMG. David Banner was one of my roll models growing up. Along with the Duke Boys, YeeHaw!

I blame the Hulk TV shows for my anger issues.

"Please don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." Lol.
Funny, my mother always said they modeled that show after me, lol. As for the Duke Boys, that show was awesome. The only issue was the number of cool cars they took off the market. TV was great back then.

Doug Dawson

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:leaf: Happy Weekend:leaf:
Thanks for all your participate and suport, wish all you a nice grow.
The winner of the Black Friday Giveaway is #397 @Leeski, congratulate:clap:
Please message me your shipping information.
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Please looking for our next Giveaway.
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Oh shiitsnickles, I was so close but so far away :(. Congrats @Leeski ! Do us all proud and fill that tent on out! :bigjoint:


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Thanks spiderfarmerled and thanks to everyone’s kind words hope we all have the best Christmas we possibly can☮
it’s 5am here and just opened rollitup to see I had tonnes of alerts first thoughts were oh shit what dumb ass post have I done now....
Thanks again all ☮