Spider Farmer led grow light--less watts, more light


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Grow under Spider Farmer SF4000 450W LED grow light, with 120x120x200cm grow tent.
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looks pretty close!!! At 80%? Wow… probably I’m just scared to crank it up?? I’m running at 60% in week 2 of flower. Sooo I’m shorting them of light ? How high are those lights there ?


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I sure hope that person puts more under those lights, as is that is such a waste there..

All that light for a few seedlings and a couple small vegged plants, must be nice to have that kind of light to waste.


Samsung LM30lB diodes is shit chips... many brands now playing on markweting saying that they have sumsung chips but they dont mention that they have old samsung chips because if they buy new ones from samsung the price is skyrocket. better use sanan, seouls which are very good quality, better than old samsung and cost less.


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Mephisto forum stomper in 15 litre pot just starting to flower. Under spiderfarmer se3000 this light produces amazing side branching and rapid growth. TippIMG_20220923_090331.jpged her only once at the 3 node . Started with 6 branches and now I have 20 branches staked around the pot and another 15 to 20 branches in the middle. Plants is in a 4x4 tent and will end up filling this tent nicely. Great work with making this light @SpiderFarmer


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