Spidermites and essential plant oils.

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    • I have discovered the use of pure essential plant oils against garden pests such as spidermites to be so effective, I want to share it with everyone, I had experienced some heartache with spidermites, and was beginning to think there was no way to win, I tried everything, spent too much money, then one day the universe gave me a break and I stumbled across this solution.
      That was a while ago now, I am sharing now because I can guarantee personally that this does work.

      Have you heard of a product called liquid lady bug ?? if not look it up, very pricey, but I make my own version much cheaper.

      Go online to buy essential oils, these need to be pure essential oil, no compromise on that, look around for a good trusted supplier, You can buy these products from stores, but you will pay alot more.
      To give an idea, I get 100ml bottles of oil, and all these ingredients you should get for around $50 total, to get started, cheaper than 1 bottle of liquid lady bug, and works out to around 30 litres worth of spray, so its around $1.50 per litre spray bottle.

      First off...Rosemary essential oil, this stuff is the bomb, also you want a bottle of peppermint, and palmarosa.
      Oh and a carrier oil, its essential to mix half half at least with the carrier oil, either olive oil or grapeseed oil. And some detergent free soap, I use lux soap powder.

      You will want to make a 2% solution, heres what I do.

      First get your spray bottle 1litre bottle. 1 1/2 tablespoon lux soap powder, and half fill with warm water. Just mix a little. Now get something to mix your oil in, a little container, and an accurate measuring device. You will add 20 mils in total to each litre mix.
      Go 5mil Rosemary 3 mil peppermint, 2 mil palmarosa 10 mill of the carrier oil, mix the oil thoroughly before adding to the water mix. Now add the oil mix, top up with some hot water, do up tight, and skake the living shit out of it.

      Now you have the best spidermite spray you can get, this not only controlls spidermites, but other bad creepy crawlies, this is 100% safe for your plant if you follow my instruction. You too, spray it all over yourself except eyes and mouth if you wish lol, and wont hurt Don't up the mix, essential oil is very potent stuff.

      It is best to do this right before lights out, and leave that fans off for at least 30 mins to let it soak into the leaves, don't be stingy with the spray, make sure every surface of the plant is covered, especially bottom of leaves.
      It is safe enough to use every day if wanted, but I find weekly applications is great. Or twice weekly for heavy infestation.

      You can go to google and search these essential oils and there benefits against garden pests and spidermites.

      I forgot to add, don't spray when the spray is still hot, and constantly stop to shake the mix as your spraying to make sure it is 100% mixed, every couple of minutes just stop and give a good shake.

      To date I have never used anything more effective, im super excited because I don't have spidermites anymore. And I tried it all.

      I want to add this mix I have just listed, I spray on my dog for flea control....100% effective. Palmarosa will keep all ticks off your dog too. My dog loves this now, every week she lays there for her spray and massage, and she smells devine now lol. I was using pyrethrum before, it works ok, but the smell is too much, yuk yuk. Summer time requires more spraying, 2 to 3 times weekly, its winter here now so im only doing 1 time a week.
      Don't ever use on a cat though, cats cant break down essential oils, and becomnes toxic to them.

      I make a mix with different oils for mozzie repellant for us people to, its so easy to do, so I hope a few more people out there get to discover this for themselves.​

      It has been found that bad bugs don't build a resistance to essential oils like they do with regular store bought products.​

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    Good info, its not organic but AVID is the most effective thing i have heard of, am currently using it and have had great results getting rid of spidermites, It is not sold in canada, i luckily knew someone with ALOT of it, its really nasty stuff, you should wear gloves, a long sleeve and a respirator when spraying. had crazy webbs everywhere 4 days ago, now its hard to find a webb.

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    Thanks for sharing. For indoor, spider mites hate wind, so I try to keep a fan on the plants-that and pyrethrin have worked for me. I like the idea of being able to spray some peppermint though-it's the type of thing that seems pretty innocent were you to smoke some-and it might even taste kinda good.

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    My mite cure is good old take down garden spray. Pyrethrins (adults and crawlers) and Canola oil (eggs and micros) will do the job if you can spray diligently. I recommend spraying EVERY leaf surface once every three days for a MINIMUM of 5 sprays or every 3 days until you see no sign of them. I have tried all the organic natural products (pyrethrins, azadinactrins, natural ones like No spider Mite and SNS 217c, and insect soap) and Take Down is my go to product to knock down mites. Mix it hard and spray every 3 days and you will break them. Our red mites here just laughed at the essential oil products I tried and the sns217 was SUPER pricey and not concentrated. Home mix sounds like it may do the job better, save some dough!

    OP nice recipe it is great that some people are still willing to make things for themselves instead of becoming dependent/enabled on/by big corporations to do it for you and sell it to you all wrapped in five layers of plastic... recycle please!
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    lol, yeah I freak out with what some people spray, and then end up smoking. This spray is supposed to be used up til harvest, I decided not to spray coming into the last 4 weeks though for the worry of taste.
    I know if I had to make a choice I would want some peppermint and rosemary over chemicles. And its more effective too.
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    I'm a big time animal lover. Anything that goes into my garden has to be safe around cats & dogs. That was the true driving force that lead me towards organics and integrated pest management. Horticultural oils are great against small soft body insects like aphids and spider mites while also offering a layer of protection against powdery mildew.

    However, in order for these products to be effective they need to make contact with the pest. In most cases, once the oil has dried, the oil lose their effectiveness and need to be reapplied. Some plants are sensitive to oils and can develop toxicity to them (aka leaf burn). During the summer you need to be especially careful when applying oils. Early morning is the best time, but under no circumstances should you spray when you expect the temperature to reach over 90*F within four hours after applying. I personally like to get up around 5:30AM and apply oils then. Over applying can also cause problems by suffocating the leaves, preventing them from taking in oxygen and moisture from the air. As long as you are aware of these risks and test a few branches on first application for toxicity, you should be fine and would be very smart to incorporate oils into your integrated pest management practice.

    Pyrethrins are also good to use, but beware they many pests are developing a resistance to it because of it's widespread use. Rotating it with other products should help alleviate this problem.

    In addition to oil and pyrethrins I'm also very fond of food grade Diatomaceous Earth (not to be confused with pool grade). It works anytime, even during the hottest weather, it will never cause toxicity on plants. When wet it will slowly be absorbed by the plant as Silica, which is also beneficial to the plants, and it can be applied as often needed. I periodically pour a half cup of DE on my pets and rub it into their fur to keep fleas & ticks at bay. Somehow, pests seem to know when DE is around and will usually avoid it all together.

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    Hi thanks for the reply, yes the thing with this spray is buying as liquid lady bug costs a fortune, and you find yourself not wanting to really cover the whole plant thoroughly because of the cost. This stuff can be applied every day aswell.
    And applied properly I have found 100% effective, and when it cost stuff all to make you feel good about spraying away. I have beaten red spidermites with this mix.

    ozgirl Active Member

    Hi, and thanks for your reply, you have added some good information. I live in a hot climate, so I apply in the evening, rather than morning, and have never had an issue. I have also used this on my veggies, my goosberries recently had the red mites, and the roses another mite, and some aphids, this took care of the problem so far.
    I learnt about pyrethrym a while ago, I do grow lots of it, harvest the flowers dry them, and make my own brew. Also corriander works great on mites, I will brew some corriander tea, (using seeds and leaves) strain well, and add to the pyrethrym brew for some big outdoor jobs I don't want to use up my oils on.
    I find the corriander better than any garlic or chilli type of brews which have never worked for me.

    I have not tried the DE. But I keep reading about it, so I might look into it some more.

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    I think we're in an epidemic of spider mites; I had mine 18 mos ago and it took 3 months to get rid of them. I have posted the formula I used (here at least 4-5X) after trying everything under the sun with poor to zero results. This concoction works time and time again, is organic and can be sprayed until harvest with almost no noticeable taste or smell. It lasts long after it is dry and actually has some benefits for the plant. It is a simple mixture of Habanero Peppers, Tobacco, Garlic and Olive Oil. It keeps for weeks and can be refrigerated for a lot longer. I make 2-3 gallons at a time and pass it along to several growers I know. They like mine better than those they've made. it basically gives the mite a "hot shot" when it sticks its' snout into the leaf membrane causing the mite to explode. lasts for a week or so and gets the eggs when they hatch. Repeated spraying every other day while infested then 1X weekly to finalize the kill. We have actually watched a demise under the microscope and it goes like this. the mite gets a bit into the snout, flips over and frail its' legs like an upside down beetle. Does this dance for about 60 seconds then dies abruptly. He actually swells up and I'd guess explodes when his snout is trapped in the leaf matter, like a mosquito caught on your arm and skin pinched to hold 'em. this stuff is the bomb. i use it every 10 days as a preventative and haven't seen a mite in over a year. Also, very important, no more visitors to the grow, period. people bring them in too. they are also homogenous to the planet and can come in from the tiniest crack in the floor.Who would guess??? Best to you all, keep 'em green and they'll never get you blue...

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    been mixing my own stuff, chilies, habaneros, jalapenos, banana peppers, tons of tomato leaves, Cinnamon, garlic, and a lemon 1-1 ratio (volume wise) to water pressure cook for a couple hours low heat(under 250 degrees, this is going to stink the house) allow to cool this is a concentrate about 1-2 cups per gal of water, put the rest in the fridge. i plan on adding more to the mix than that i am growing but that stuff, but has already worked wonders for me. dry or fresh material can be use the more chopped up the better, strain it good DO NOT TOUCH YOUR EYES, and be careful it will burn plants if your mix is too strong. but for real if i added the mums and marigolds im growing i think my battles would be over for life.
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    Why do you pressure cook the mixture instead of steeping it? Thanks in advance

    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    pressure cooking limits the amount of steam/oils escaping and also agitate the material.

    scroglodyte Well-Known Member

    rosemary oil fucked up my buddy's AK-47 mom. severe yellowing and burn.

    dbkick Well-Known Member

    oils boo.......this and this.....

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    I just steeped in distilled water every caustic plant from my foodscaped yard plots.

    Icall it my OmniOrganic GetOff Spray.

    Ingredients in aqueous solution: minced garlic, onion, rosemary leaves, cilantro, parsley, marigolds, morning glory leaves, yew clippings, tons of chili peppers, cinnamon, garlic salt, lemon juice, lime juice, potato leaves and stems, tomato leaves and stems, sea salt, mineral oil, zucchini leaves, sunflower leaves, CaCl3, KCl3, h2o2, isopropyl alcohol to prevent fermentation, and dr bronners castile soap.

    Cost- free time picking chopping steeping and straining... Need to get a pressure cooker again!

    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    nice little mix you got there probably will add cilantro next time i play aroung :)

    rosemary oil.... just make sure to dilute your solution add a little at a time till you get it right, i also burned the fizuk out of my plants my first go around with my brew.
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    my mom just told me she adds urine and a few eggs for an anti-deer spray, but I dunno about the eggs in an organic Omni-Off spray... sounds absolutely putrid like rotten eggs, wonder if it would be masked/neutralized by the other sulfurous compounds in onions and garlic.

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    I need to try some new methods. I tried Liquid Lady bug and it works if you can afford a ton of it. Azomax also worked but it burned a lot of my leaves. My solution so far and it seems to be working is washing my plants. I stick em in the tub and spray em with my shower head. I lay the plants on there sides and spray away. At first I just did it with a clone and a cup of water and I dipped the plants, the mites just floated off the plants and it knocked off the eggs. But it doesn't help much when flowering. I'll spray for the first 4 weeks then I just use a spray bottle with water for the rest. I need something that'll do em all.

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    cool info!

    I too have been experimenting with essential oils.

    I would suggest to mix up the oils, try thyme, lemon grass, and lavender. like the op said, rosemary, and mints work great!

    I usually do about 5-10 drops per litter, honestly I go by smell, if its too light of a smell, I know I can add more, its really when the smell hits u when I know its good too use. ive never ever had any burns.
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