Spots on leaves , anyone know prblem ?


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Anyone seen this b4 ?
Plants are outdoor in and old herb box i made , it had old soil allready in there witch is a mix of potting mix , perlite , coco and vermiculite .
I havn't feed any nutes just water from tap or rain water .
They did loose some leaves due to 1 week of 42c plus temps yhe other week
They are WW strain .
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You need to feed them or let the soil dry put to uptake (N) nutes. Can't really see the spots but they could be eggs.
Thanks lahada , the brown spots on the leaves arn't eggs , I feed the alittle seasol tonight wich is a broad range vegitable and plant fert
made from seaweed . see if that helps .
Otherwise i will break out my indoor nutes !


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probably pH issues. Rain water is about 6.8 - 7.0 which is a tad high for soil. 6.5 is ideal. Hot temps won't help either, make sure you give hem plenty of shade on days over 35c.