Straight fruit smelling strains


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I'm gona advise checking out Humboldt Seed Co's "Very Cherry", full disclosure I haven't grown it but I've grown a handful of their other gear, their descriptions are really accurate.

Another one I haven't grown before but I researched as "heavily" as i could before pulling the trigger on some beans, BobBitchen's Chernobyl S1 (Slymer cut). Every pic i've seen of grows look really nice and everyone states "electric lime slurpee terps" and if that doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will, lol! I started one in my veg tent & it's a nice little plant.

conor c

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Lemon and lime is your thing and tbh alot of fruity stuff in general kc brains gears got loads of that and the regs are dirt cheap even karma used some of his work so that tells ya something the guys been around forever and is overlooked too often in this regard id advise you to look into kc33 also if anyone else on here has any lemon thai to trade you thats a good line too for lemon stuff btw sounds right up your street i know its cuts you after but i thought id mention it anyway man