Success thread! I AM IRON WEED!!!!!!!!!! (Guitar) BWaaaaaaaaaaang!

Used a laser thermometer to test the iron temperature.
hand broke the weed into particles, put on parchment paper, pressed with iron.
First test was 300 for 5 minutes. Was supposed to be 7 minutes. Half a gram worked nicely, but I suspect it was under done.
Really like this strain I got so I tried 250 at 30, but wanted to err on the side of under cooking it so I timed it 20 minutes.
This is exactly what I was hoping for! !/3rd of a gram is good enough for me smoked, so I hoped half a gram would be too much... yes it is! Long and dreamy. Reminds me of my first edible that I ate too much of.
Rolled up the delectable stuff in a ball of cream cheese with confectioner's stevia.
I also put it on keto toast with butter, and garlic salt.
If I'm fasting I'll put it in butter and drink it like bullet proof butter.
wow. I did exactly the same thing, same time, same temperature and experienced an oregano high. in other words nothing. Is it possible to eat so much weed experimenting that you build up a high tolerence without even feeling it? I noticed I only get a tiny buzz now when I smoke a whole bowl in my chillum. That usually is enough for me to bake my skull for a couple hours. I think I may have to take a long tolerance break. Last time I tried to do that it took me eight days to start turning into an irritable, violent asshole.
But I did get super super high when I quit the tolerence break!