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could not pass on them. Grabbed 8 to use as veg and seedling light. Came out to $40 with tariff and shipping etc which still makes each $5 which is a great deal compared to $21 other places
I picked up 20 for what works out £1.50 each, free delivery from the US to UK.. Just cant imagine how they can even do that for those prices.


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Looking for a solid 6" fan for my 3x3 tent soon. Anyone seen any deals?

Budget $150 if that'll get it done?
I bought a couple 9 dollor 12 inch all metal fans from wall mart, the the trick is to re grease them with with White Lighting bicycle bearing grease. That grease is the dog, I wouldn't spend 150 dollars. If you don't re grease them they lock up and burn up.Once you see the grease youll under stand. So far they have run for a year.


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I’m browsing Craigslist for fun. This in SoCal. Cypress if anyone is interested. Will be posting more goodies if I come across anything.
I have about 8 searches saved onto my 2nd homescreen on my phone. Have scored some killer deals on there.

The best one specifically grow related was 2 HLG QB288 v2's that had been used for half a grow cycle, plus a brand new Hydrobuilder 2x3 tent, some Floraflex caps, and some other random brand new goodies all for $90.

I also got this amazing mid century modern TV cabinet/wardrobe for free that I tore apart and turned into a 2x3 veg cabinet with 2 shelves, as well as a seperate drying cabinet.

Actually pretty much all of my furniture besides my couch is used stuff I got for free or close to free on CL. I am pretty picky too and my stuff is not junk. My coffee table and side table for example currently goes for $500-750 on Ebay. I got both for $10 :). Kitchen table is around $500 and I paid $50. You get the idea.

Craigslist is awesome if you have the patience. I would rather wait and get something quality used, rather than buy junk from Target. One secret trick I will share. Search for things but spelled how someone who doesn't know how to spell would spell it. Or common spelling mistakes. Often you will find things that have been sitting for 2 months and you can lowball someone and they are willing to give it away just to get rid of it. Got my first LED TV and an amazing surround system that way back in the day.
Didnt scroll all the way lol but I got spider farmer sf2000 for 30% less than Amazon on their own site

Apparently the cheapest way into Samsung diodes and great reviews for smaller set ups