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Hey douche lion, know anything about the z diodes?

Thanks in advance. Love you.
In all honesty though I’m sure they grow great bud just like any other diode. You got your shit locked environmental, so shouldn’t be a issue I find.

Jimmy Slade

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I'm just sorta torn. Got my electrical pretty much maxed out. My last cob 4x is around 550 watts. Was looking at the Optic Slim 500 to upgrade it.. The specs are badass. Meijus are an extra $100 in shipping now. But I just saw the 20% off the Fold 8s, which is what got me curious.

So if you're not a complete jerk, like this BK character, any input on the 301z diodes would be welcome.


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Dear RIU,

Mars Hydro Black Friday Giveaway and Sales Already started,don't forget to check them:) hope it is good for you guys to win the light or coupon or save more:) stay safe happy growing:) :hug: :leaf: :leaf:

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FC-E 6500 value 599.99 in USD dollars.

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PJ Diaz

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you're looking at almost $400 to have them shipped FedEx.. or $200 but then they will be sitting in the harbor for a couple months. End of the day you may as well just buy a fuckin marshydro and call it a day
LOL I'm not buying any, but I could get two of these shipped for less than the price of one Mars Hydro..

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