The Best Deals Thread. Post Best Deals And Lowest Prices Links


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Hopefully you've already cancelled that card.

How did you come across those links?
I had searched for THAP5 in Google shopping tab looking for a low price on 5 gal Air Pots and it was right there amongst all the other listings. $14 for one 5 gal Air Pot didn't seem too crazy so I clicked on it and it led me to what I thought was Happyhydro's site. It wasn't until I browsed the other sale items before I noticed some unbelievable deals and then realized there was a dash in the web address Happy-hydro. I already filed a report with the FTC.


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It’s a bot that just joined the forum and is now spamming random pictures around the different sub forms now. Hopefully a mod picks up on it.
Most likely if one clicks the pic they'll install malware onto their machine. Possibly even invisible remote access.


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Last week, I bought the Viparspectra KS500 at Ama for 3% less than $499 with a HighiganKS discount code. Yesterday the price dropped to $480. Via Ama, I contacted Viparspectra and they said they'd refund the difference & still honor the discount code. Made me happy.