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    Nah, our military maintains our global position, guarantees that we won't get invaded yesterday, and allows us to live the sweet ass life that we do. How could could you sit back and enjoy a smoke with the possibility of a foreign army kicking in your door, raping your girl, killing your children, and hanging your sack on the stick they shove down your throat.

    Cops, they're just bitch ass "hall monitors" that got picked on in high school and couldn't get laid. Most, there's a few good men on the force, but they're few and far between.

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    Anyone grown the GGG clone only Mango Puff? Seen some pretty pics on IG but haven't found any actual grows anywhere. The pre calyxes are seriously caked in resin like I've never seen so I have high hopes for this gal..

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    I think its a bit extreme to say that if our military doesnt do what they do globally our doors are getting kicked in by the enemy. Fear of the other and fear as propaganda keeps us enslaved. People have been programmed to otherize and beleive we need to be the global police which i do not beleive is true. Bilions of dollars yearly that could go to feeding the hungry, clothing, shelter, infrastructure... Goes to war mongering. For profit conflicts. This is what i consider holding our global position and its negatively driven.
    Its one thing to protect ourselves domestically, but a different thing to be the global bully and perpetuate capitalistic ideals... If the military actually fought for what was true and right i would support it. But they dont.
    What happens after we level a city in the middle east? Haliburton construction gets a huge contract to rebuild it.
    And we create alot of the terrorists. What would you do if your parents were killed and labeled as collateral damage and your family farm was destroyed? I can tell you what i would do, and its not sit by and do nothing... I would look for justice.

    Invaded yesterday? Thats some 1984 stuff.
    Sweet ass life? Idk how you live. I live in fear of government kicking in my door daily, not people from other coutries, but the people that are suppose to protect and serve.
    Otherwise yes we have it good in this country, but at what cost for the planet as a whole??? Whats the cost for people of other nations?

    I need to get out of this thread i think but i love talking politics. I dont want to offend anyone but i also wont be quiet about what i beleive. I am however open to change opinions if facts and reasonable arguments are presented.
    As for m4k, im a bit ashamed i built this off what he said. He seems like a tool the more you all talk about what he has said.
    But ill stand behind what i said and would love to hear alternative perspectives presented clearly and respectfully.

    And as far as the military being the only or best options got people to get out of bad situations, i think capitalism should be restructured to make better ways for people to work hard and get out of tough financial situations that dont involve them carrying a rifle as a gun for hire. Clearly if someone chooses that i agree its not the east way out- they should have other options to put hard work in and improve their situation. Socialized countries have free or very discounted college for citizens. And healthcare in the same regard. Why dont we if we are so great? Why dont we have more social welfare programs in place?

    genuity ambition

    Very true post...
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    genuity ambition

    And I would love to go see Russia... 1473197811.jpg
    Shit looks badass to me..

    And I want to go off the beaten path, to the ghettos.
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    We don't have more social welfare programs in place because the people paying for them pockets aren't unlimited. The government can only tap the working class so much before it back fires. The programs in place are beyond raped anyway they can be. I see it everyday in everyplace I go. The dudes that can't understand a word of English with the 1000 dollar cash roll, using food stamps for whatever at the convenience store. Then jumping into their brand new escalade on 26's. Sorry man Welfare was a great Idea with a shit structure to ensure votes to whoever backs it. But hey what do I know. I'm told I'm just a overqualified combat vet to every job I try to get. Even Mcdolands said fuck off politely. I'm not a bigot but that shit is why this country is doing some dumb ass shit right now.
    As far as the military goes. Yeah they do more than just fuck shit up on this planet. The news just doesn't talk about that. why would they it doesn't get there viewer count up.. I have three bronze stars on my Humanitarian ribbon proving that. @ rocknratm I don't disagree with ya at all. Just wanted to make a few points from what I see in my little corner of the country everyday.
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    Local LEO are not at all on the same level as our Military. No one is disputing the fact that we fight arms wars or that our government is corrupt. But please try to remember, a good deal of smokers/growers are in fact vets...many who didn't have a choice when it came time to serve. Many have lived a life of unfathomable torment due to our government.

    And no one is disputing the fact that many serve because of the benefits offered today. For many the alternative can be bleak.
    The central and main theme "I" see/have read, is GGG/m4K attempting to justify his greed with never-ending tirades of insults. He's lashed out, belittled, and berated just about every subset of the cannabis community and lost a good portion of current/potential customers. The more people spoke out in resistance against his elitist attitude the deeper he went.

    His general attitude is ridiculously ignorant, insulting, and just all around vile. But hey, I have no dog in this fight. Just pointing out the well-deserved and obvious backlash a he's received as a result of these insults. m4K/GGG is free to continue to smite the cannabis community with a Sword of Retarded-Righteousness and they are free to move on to other breeders. *shrugs*

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    Freedom is about responsibility. We have the freedom to fail and the freedom to not work if you choose. You have the freedom to move to another state or country. We could make everyone equal and have mandatory service and force people to work but we have freedom.

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    iv heard great things about the mango ouff cut. seems to be a really good cut...
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    Sorry but I don't believe that BS, our armies are more about political power than the safety of our country. They protect the interest of the pharmaceutical companies, private investors and the elites.

    But The guy from GGG took it too far imo. Sure everyone is entitled to free speech and that's what those troops fight for (our rights) but there should always be a level of respect held even if you don't agree the same way. That's what separate the men from children.

    If MK from GGG is truly enlightened as he claims there would be no need to insult and talk down to people who served.
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    you can have a lot of fun in these backstreet ghetto bars of Phnom Penh too bro...worth a visit as well!

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    No. Listen first hand what our military does; brother.

    Please. Watch the whole thing.

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    Beautiful pics!....This makes me excited because I have Precious Child and they have the same father or mother,I forget......What kind of smells/terps are you getting?
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    rocknratm Well-Known Member

    At one point kind of cherry. Now mostly lemon-lime and earthy.
    Ive never cared for earthy, Ive already used a male and crossed it with a few strains.
    I probably wont run this female again.
    But after cure the last batch had a good taste.

    DSCN0051.JPG DSCN0053.JPG

    DabbinKush Member

    Looking for any info on GGG " Breeders Stash" from 2014 or 2015 Denver Cup. Strains are 1) Daybreaker x Chemdawg x Sour D. 2) Afghan Kush x Joseph. Thanks
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    There doesn't seem to be much info about the "Breeders stash" strains,from any year.....The only luck I've had was on IG and you only find pics,not much info.I got Colorado bubba x Mendodawg and found some amazing pics of it on IG.....Good luck!

    Hemphill420 Active Member

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    genuity ambition

    I did afghani kush x Joseph....what you want to know?

    In my style of growing she was a gem,strong plant,nice hard nugs..good taste/high...

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