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    Here's what you do, you forget about autos, unless you like giving seed dealers lots of money all the time, since they can't be cloned. You set up 3 flowering chambers and 1 veg chamber, the veg chamber being shorter than the flowering chambers, something like 2-3 feet. You also have a small chamber for keeping a few mother plants growing to take cuttings from. You start your clones in your cloning thing 2 weeks before the first flowering chamber is harvested, which obviously will take 10 weeks of flowering. This is a 3 week rotation system.

    The clones will be well rooted in 2 weeks and then you pot em up in 3-4 inch pots and put em in the 2-3 foot veg chamber, or however high a chamber you want to use but more than that is not required, under LEDs, meaning 100w replacement LED bulbs, Osram/Sylvania brand, not some shit brand. Like one bulb per square foot of veg chamber floor space. After the first 2 weeks in there you switch the timer to 12/12. That's right, you start 12/12 while the plants are still in those 3-4" pots in that veg chamber, which is actually a combination veg/1st week flowering chamber.

    I should point out that this system is for non-pussies, people who don't give a shit about plant limits because who the fuck follows Govt regs? You grow a bunch of small plants, not one fucking big-ass tree. So anyway, one week later you transplant them into the big pots and move em to the flowering chamber that just got harvested.

    That's how you get a crop every 3 weeks and the plants get a full 10 weeks of flowering. You don't harvest at 9 weeks and you damn sure don't harvest at 8 weeks or 7 weeks, because that would mean you're a fucking idiot who doesn't want full weight and potency. No offense intended, just that's what you'd be, just the way it is.

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    1. They get tuned and moved.
    2.i ment as an average. One may weigh more one alot less.
    3. I also have 18+ years exp growing canna.
    4.i have nada to prove.
    5. To come at someone as you guys have is just envy .
    In 34 years from the things I've seen my figures are not that amazing ;)
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    Your right, it is envy. 40 ounces in 13 weeks under a 600 from an auto grow, yup envy for sure. That is an amazing number and I just wanted to see it, but no I haven't yet. Yes your right you have nothing to prove and I have the right to doubt as well. I'm sure most would agree that the numbers you are stating are phenomenal!
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    Thank you very much for sharing

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    Yeah sure thing. Maybe a little long winded but might something in there helpful somehow. BTW I was doing some more work on small grow chambers and I found that 100w replacement LED bulbs (14w actual draw) were actually too much, burnt some seedlings up a bit, so had to switch to 60w replacements (8w draw). Here's the containers I used (the large blue rectangular one), lined with foil, clear packing tape covering the foil so moisture won't discolor it. The handle holes are completely covered. I put 8 small holes (3/8") a couple inches up from the bottom around the containers for air intake and another 8 in the top, foil taped over the holes in a dome type shape with one end open, to act as light baffles. The containers cost $2.50 each at a dollar store. Like I said, one upside down on the other. Clipped the edges together with some alligator clips I had so I could move it around without the top falling off.


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