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Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by lozac123, Apr 2, 2009.


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    Thee golden crocs

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    On the plate? The yoke broke on the second egg, so I quick scrambled it. The meal needed more but I kept it simple and fast. I'm going to look for that avocado product you mentioned. Raw avocados taste fine imo, but always looking for something new.
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    The Yorkshireman

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    Avocado chips you make yourself mate.

    1) Cut an avocado into 2 half's length ways and take the stone out.

    2) Cut each half into quarters, then those quarters into 8ths so you end up with triangle shaped chunky chips.

    3) Skin each piece buy running a knife between the skin and avocado flesh.

    4) Deep fry the avocado pieces just like you would with potato chips.

    They taste awesome fried in beef dripping or lard.
    I've not tried oil but I don't use processed vegetable oils anymore, only extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin rapeseed oil for shallow frying and general cooking.
    My chip pan is filled with beef dripping.

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    That's only a little bit smaller than my area and you've 18 in there.
    I thought I was taking the piss with 8 lol
    I've never even thought of recycling my coco. I've only just finished my third go with it. I use ripen though so I would've thought that because that triggers the plant to finish it would confuse the next lot of vegging plants to go in that medium. I have no scientific evidence of that. It's just a hunch. Plus I had fungus gnats once and wouldn't want to risk it even though I use nematodes as a preventative measure
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    Mythology states he who is bestowed with the crocs becomes the procrastinator of all procrastination.example one ;I piss on my hands to save time from washing em

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    I'm not talking ltrs just a dash oh n fry some cabbage n make colcanon

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    First bit wtf and pissing on ya hand is dirty man hahaha

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    He irish though so anything is considered lol
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    Ah I see
    tip top toker

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    Pay the UK thread a visit and it's all feckin crocs and mashed potato.. The fuck?!
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    you sound surprised?
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    Not nearly as impressive as @The Yorkshireman 's but it's nearly done maybe another week or 2 trichs are mainly cloudy 1 or 2 amber oh it's special queen #1

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    It used to be the yorkshireman(?) talking about the intricacies of cocktail making and such. Now it's how much milk to put in your mash.

    And anyway, you don't put milk in mashed potatoes! Double cream and butter!

    So that aside, how's it all going? Any strain revolutions take place in the past year or two? I'm rather sad over how out of touch I am with the cannabis world these days. Haven't even rolled up a king skin in about 6 months :(

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    Nothing wrong lounging around in crocs.i use to have leather ones but alls the pussy I be hitting stained em so I switched to crocs just wipe or lick em clean
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    I have a green pair and I like to wear mine!

    DST Well-Known Member

    Sweet potato chips are lush. Plus you can eat sweet potato on a carbon free diet.

    TTT. How's it going lad. You still studying?
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    Could be better. Living in London, and Kuroi started working at a council city farm 4 months ago, and still hasn't been paid a penny, so enjoying trying to finance both of us of my £300 a month student living budget. I had to send her to work with a sachet of cuppa soup and some stale bread today.

    Dissertation is due at 3pm tomorrow, and then 4 final assignments by the end of the week, so the end is almost in sight :) Inherited a bit of money last year (most of which ended up invested in watches :) ), so the plan is to graduate, get any job available to pay off the last £7000 of my rent, and then look at buying some land somewhere cheap and foreign and living the simple life (and finally growing again, I'll never get my head around paying £120 a half)
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    The Yorkshireman

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    I find sweet potato chips to be too soft and generally soggy.

    No you can't eat sweet potatoes on carb free/Keto diets.
    Sweet potatoes have about 20g of carbs per 100g of which around 4g are simple sugar (that's why they taste sweet).
    Regular potatoes have less carbs and sugar per 100g than sweet potatoes do.

    20g of carbs is my limit for the day on Keto, (actually as little as possible) so a portion of sweet potato or a banana for example and that's me fucked (I don't do fruit anymore, it's packed with fructose which is bad).
    20g will straight knock me out of Keto and I have to account for the carbs in all my other food throughout the day.

    I have been cheating the odd day or so over the last couple of weeks but I don't make a habit of it.
    If I have a cheat meal with too many carbs in then for the rest of the day I either won't eat anything else or I'll have some meat that is carb free like some grilled chicken, fish, beef with some olive oil and a little spice/herb rub.

    If I get hungry and need something to keep me sustained then I just eat a tablespoon of coconut oil with maybe a teaspoon of natural peanut butter too.
    Coconut oil is about 50% MCT's which is instant energy/fuel for your body once you've become keto/fat adapted.

    I have to watch myself with the peanut butter and eating nuts in general though, it's easy to over do the carbs eating nuts.
    The odd bit of peanut butter isn't so bad cos you don't eat much at a time, a teaspoon or so here and there.
    The Yorkshireman

    The Yorkshireman Well-Known Member

    It's a squeeze though, they really needed less veg, maybe 1 week tops under 400w or 12/12 straight from potting up.

    Ripen is shit, it kills your plants that's why they finish earlier and go yellow.
    I forget what chemical it's made from but it straight kills off your plants early.
    It shouldn't even be called Ripen cos that's not what it does but folk still use it thinking it does (they were hardly gonna call it 'liquid death' though eh. lol).
    Ripen should not go anywhere near healthy plants, it's for shutting them down fast when they're infected/have bugs.
    But even so, in that scenario just pull them early and not killl em off with Ripen, or just bin em as they're not usable with bugs/mold.

    Yeah I wouldn't recycle coco that has had Ripen through it either, your guess is pretty logical.
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