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Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by lozac123, Apr 2, 2009.


    DST Well-Known Member

    Thanks Zedd, just keeping it simple bru, seems to work for me. Never used a ph/ppm pen in my life.

    And lol, I do love my Seamaster, even though with my ears I couldn't dive below 10m lol.
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    TheHulk11 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys long time. Anyone near leeds that can sort the Hulk man out with some smoke tonight? Im dwn here for work and no weed. Its brutal.
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    Mastergrow Well-Known Member

    Other than the no weed situation hope shits good hulk, I thought it'd be easy to find weed over there
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    TheHulk11 Well-Known Member

    I'm all good mate. My divorce will be finalized next month I've got a decent new house and hopefully setting something up again in a few weeks.
    Was just down south for 1 day but couldnt get any smoke. Got sorted at 2am this morning when I got back to Scotland.
    How's everyone in here been doing?
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    bazoomer Well-Known Member

    Good to see u about Hulk, glad your doing well :)
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    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    Looks like a rather busy little garden, would love to have somewhere to grow outdoors. And I'm just talking tomatoes and such. Wouldn't say no to a blue pit though, lovely stuff (the dog was a bit too much for me to handle).

    Nice SMP btw ;)
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    itsmeifti Member

    Hello and good night.
    Nice to find THE UK thread :)
    Quick one, anyone part of any canna social clubs/collectives?
    General Midlands area ;)

    BigMaineyXL Well-Known Member

    Good to be back on here. Room is still going strong i see. Will be doing a journal on 3 seedlings 1 phatt fruity, 1 amnesia lemon and a special queen. Will let yall know when it's started and some feedback then would be great.

    Have a good morning all.


    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    Oh this guy again lol

    irish4:20 Well-Known Member

    Well lads how yas all been keepin.... just seen the price of bitcoin ... holy fuk
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    bazoomer Well-Known Member

    Evening, hope alls well with everyone :)
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    zeddd Well-Known Member

    Hey Mainey good to have you back bro shits not the same when you not here

    zeddd Well-Known Member

    Baz if that's the new avvi? Fuk sake lol what is it ?
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    bazoomer Well-Known Member

    Lol, The new bird Z

    zeddd Well-Known Member

    Nice, kind eyes...
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    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    What would you do in this situation?
    Neighbours got a grow on, stinking my house out real bad and the street. Other neighbours are asking where the stink is coming from.
    Tried having a word last year on a few occasions but he fobs me off, plus he's letting his minions come and go so he doesn't have to be involved, his house is divided into two flats. I suspect since its a basement grow they have the fans turned off in the day time when lights are off so when they come back on the stink has built up. Not sure if hes using filters or not but I also think he is venting the heat between floor spaces which are linked to my house due to the fact the joists run through both houses, been over 100 year old there will be air gaps.
    I could very simply offer them a few tips to sort it out, they should have 7 chimneys to make use of but that would mean acknowledging my own experience.
    I'm getting proper fucked off, my situation is been put at risk. I go to every length possible to ensure my room doesn't stink ever.
    I'm pretty fucking angry but cracking some lads I don't know seems like it could lead to more problems. But at the same time when it starts stinking all my logic goes out the window.
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    StonerCol Well-Known Member

    @coreywebster 'tis a difficult one man, I feel for ya.I would say, firstly, don't do/say anything that will give your situation away such as offering advice. Play dumb, as it were. I'd definitely have a word with the guy again and tell him the cops came sniffing around his place. Tell him of the stink and advise him he's likely to be in trouble if he isn't careful. If you don't see him around then tell his minions about the cops visit. Even say the cops knocked on your door asking you who owned the house in question. Basically you need to frighten the guy with the cop story, hopefully he'll listen.
    Good luck man, hope it's resolved sooner rather than later.


    P.S. At the risk of soundling like a rude grammar/spelling nazi cunt
    ......should be "being" not "been."
    Sorry man, I was brought up by a school teacher and some of the shit rubbed off on me :(
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    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    Send him a letter saying if he doesn't cop on youlls rat him out.thatll cop the cunt on
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    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    Ugh, non of my dbxl,cb or cs popped which is a first for me with breeders boutique so ill chalk it down to my error. So I germed 4 more dbxl n they jave a healthy taproot today so if they pop above groind ill pop two more cheese bukakke and cheese suprise and take it from there.. @DST cant be arsed to check ur site but im interested in some jakes dream since ive had garys varying are the phenos? Hed a fucking banging pheno that I wouldnt mind growing.

    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    Ugh got 4 beers today,just finished my last now im opening a bottle of red
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