They're still going after medical marijuana


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i think there is a lot more at work here than just our own goverment.
every country is scared of the power of the united states if they legalize cannabis.
they remember that we wooped them up with hemp in the revolutionary war they thoughtt haha italy has all the best hemp for the sails you can't stop us...then old george is like homie we got american hemp sails you going to get effed up.
then we had the kentucky farmers fighting the yankees behind hemp bails
then you got world war hemp for victory lol
they want other countries to have controll over us in some way. think about...
alcohol industry almost all owned by forieners
the music industry is owned by france
film industry is probably owned by some country
we don't even own our porn industry...that's ok though lol
phillip morris is owned by some swiss cheese noobs
toyota makes cars in alabama...ect
i believe the hemp stamp thing is all bs. Uncle Sam said you can apply for a stamp but they didn't issue any.
They've had their boot on the hippies neck for a while.
When they're done destroying weed they'll come after tomatoes.
They tell me my marijuana is unsafe because its untested... (Ima Michigan medical marijuana patient and caregiver.)

They forget that we have been growing, buying, and eating untested produce for....millions of years.

I mean what about farmers markets? Ever ask the person with the produce stand if they have a laboratory test? lol

What exactly are they testing for? Mold and mildew? Both can be seen, smelt, and tasted if present. Every time I vape my meds I test it for these. Lol

Just like with produce you inspect it before you partake.

Same with potency. You test is by trying it. Take a couple puffs...if your not there yet...take a couple more. There's your potency test.

Then they say my meds are not safe because they are not packaged in child proof containers. I guess they think we forget they have been selling death causing cigarettes for a hundred plus years in nothing but plastic and paper to protect the kiddies! Lol

Cigarettes kill 400,000 plus people a year in this country alone. They have cost the human population TRILLIONS of dollars in medical bills. Still just the little plastic string to get one...

Common sense man. They think we don't have any.

Bottom line...

I grow small batch artisanal marijuana for a select few of VERY lucky people. I inspect every flower before I but it in the jars. My wife and I use the same meds I give the patients.

Can the same be said for their so called "safer" legal for profit marijuana?

The last I heard they put 64 THOUSAND pounds of mold laden pot back on the shelves for sale in the Michigan shops. There's your safe marijuana... $25 an eighth...Lol
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