Tossed a seed in my neighbors flower bed


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Hey guys. Some time last year I tossed a seed into my neighbors flower bed. Well she moved out now, and we just got a ton of rain. Here is how she’s doing. The maintenance came to paint the walls and got some paint on her. Should I take her down? Or let it grow until someone else takes it down? I live in an apartment lol

Also... check out her leaves. Kind of weird mutations going on



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My dad told me a story growing up about one of his best friends getting arrested for doing this exact thing :lol: That was back in the 70s.
My biggest concerns would be Karen's with cell phones, and security cameras. How many other people have noticed it and are now watching it?
I agree with Wizz, chucking an illegal substance into someone's yard unbeknownst to them is a little shady. Imagine getting arrested for something you had absolutely no knowledge of.


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Well until you chop her, lol. I'm curious how long it last before someone kills it or steals it. My guess is 2 months, lol.
People will steal it for sure. My pal always said, "grow 3 patches. 1 for the cops, one for the thieving bastards and a better hidden one for yourself"! Sometimes you can even harvest all 3. But do not count on it. Happy growing:leaf:


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Lmfao. Nope I don't drink at all. No motorcycle lol. All I'm saying is neighbors should respect each other.
Neighbors should definitely respect each other. I personally drink wine and have a Ruby red little scooter. It has a 60 mph top speed and I have one of those half shell harley davidson helmets but the Harley guys will actually let me ride with them when they do their city loops. Your comment just reminded me of how they talk.

I would also bop a mfer for doing that but everyone around me knows I'm a nut so they all kind of tip toe around me. I'm gonna take a picture of me on my scooter if anyone don't believe my words lol