Transplant shock from root damage, thoughts on using willow water to help recovery?

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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Dont think any willow water is gona do anything better then some regular water with mabey b vitamins
    She looks hot (nute burn ) and dry

    Dont pour more acidic things in lol

    If i recall the iba is the one that turns the roots on
    And gibberilac acid and ctyokinens (spell)
    And auxins help with the roots (kelp)

    If i RECALL im not a expert either :)
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    420XX Member

    Good luck to you as well :hump:
    The first photo waa taken before I'd watered at all, then I used about 3 cups of water when I did water - my closet is pretty dry so maybe that's why the soil looks so dry, but it's still cool and moist in there
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    420XX Member

    The major wilting occurred when I transplanted, it was super sad and never sprung back - i feel like my neglecting to move the light away soon enough was the reason why my wilted leaf crumbled away..

    SchmoeJoe Well-Known Member

    How long between transplanting and watering?

    420XX Member

    Watered it about 30 min after

    SchmoeJoe Well-Known Member

    Way too long. 30 seconds is too long. You have fresh new roots sitting there getting all of the water sucked out of them by the dry soil. I can just about guaruntee thats exactly what happened.

    vostok Well-Known Member

    Thanks for pointing this out ....

    Watering daily (quarter tab aspirin/1liter) will drown the roots ...true.. I ment applied by foilar spray

    healing Stomata...are Stomata not closed during times of stress?


    SchmoeJoe Well-Known Member

    I should have figured about using the aspirin as a foliar. As far as the plants stomata the plants transpiration can be effected in different ways from different kinds of stress but the stomata aren't actually damaged so there's really no healing of the stomata to be worried about. I think you might have meant something other than how it sounded but that was how I heard it.

    420XX Member

    I think that sounds right. Didn't cross my mind at the time, but that totally makes sense and seems to be that way.
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    When I do my transplants I'll use the pot I'm transplanting from to measure how much to fill the next pot so that the plant will be at the right level in the new pot. I'll make sure I have another pot off to the side already full of soil to pour on after putting the transplant in the new pot on top of the soil already in bottom.

    After putting the plant in the new pot on the soil pour the soil set asude in the pot you're usung fir a scoop around the root mass and quickly scoop up more to fill in around it. Once it's about as full as it can get, instead of using your hands to pack down the soil, start watering it in. This is better because it cuts down the time before watering, helps the soil settle more evenly guaranteeing no over compressed soil, completely avoids dry soil being rubbed across bare roots, helps mske sure ypu get even eatering with no dry pockets, etc. Doing it this way there's probably 10-20 seconds between the plant coming out of the old pot and being watered in in the new pot.

    Once the soil settles it will pretty much always be a little short of full and need to be topped off and watered one more time but that's ok because it will help to make sure the pot is evenly watered in with no dry pockets and that the soil is evenly settled without being packed to tight giving an ideal texture.
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    420XX Member

    Thanks for the tip, I'll try that method next time. I'd like to "like" your post, but I don't see any like button... just know I do appreciate your knowledge and advice :mrgreen:
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    keep posting and it'll show up
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    Copy that bongsmilie

    SchmoeJoe Well-Known Member

    You get the option to like posts after you've been active for long enough. It's something like a minimum number of posts or likes.
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    I always transplant using an empty pot of the same size as the pot they are coming out of to gently tamp the soil (that has been watered w plain ph'd water and let rest a bit so it is good and evenly moist) around the shape, about 3/4 up the sides. Wiggle the empty pot on the way out to increase the size just a bit, sprinkle myco in the hole and around the top, generously mist w ph'd h2o w superthrive. Remove the plant from her old pot, set in, knock the new soil into the hole right away, water in with water, ph'd w/more superthrive, top off w more pre moistened new soil and repeat the watering in. If the roots are dry at all- hit them with the ph'd + superthrive spray bottle before setting into the hole.
    My transplants are smooth this way :) but I also always transplant as soon as I see 2-3 roots at the holes in the bottom of the pot they have been in. Waiting longer always seems to bring trouble! :)

    A bit too long in my experience
    They never slow down if you are never too late!
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    You have to be careful how you put sticks around your plant, if you jab them through the main root you can kill it , even mature plants ,

    420XX Member

    20180129_210400.jpg She made it out alive btw, growing like she should've been, just needed time. Took this pic about a week ago. Thanks to everyone who chimed in.
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