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Will you buy irradiated medicine?

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    Green Medical

    Green Medical Active Member

    Tweed WILL be Irradiating their meds
    Wow, just wow. Released not 5 mins ago via Twitter and their website

    Update Regarding the Status of Tweed's Products
    May 01, 2014
    To our Valued Customers,

    At Tweed, our number one priority is to provide a wide variety of high quality medical marijuana. We aim to be a reliable partner that always has the supply of products that our customers require.

    To date, we have fallen short. Although we targeted April for our first strains to be available, we will not be shipping until May. As a new company growing and harvesting our first batches, each step has taken longer than expected - particularly product testing. We have included a process called “cold pasteurization” (also known as irradiation) for our initial batches in order to provide the safest medicine possible. This process has taken extra time that we did not

    With each passing week, we’ll be releasing more and more strains and in increasing volumes. We’ve already announced plans to accelerate construction, which will allow us to offer an extended variety and quantity of medicine. While we will likely experience more growing pains, the entire Tweed team is working to ensure that we
    continue to be transparent, customer-focused, and committed to the highest standards in quality and variety.

    Your support and patience is truly appreciated.

    The Team at Tweed

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    Green Medical

    Green Medical Active Member

    "Gamma irradiation is a controversial decontamination technique that has never been studied for safety in smoked or inhaled products anywhere in the world," CSA wrote in its letter. "Although it effectively destroys most bacteria, it does not destroy viruses or mycotoxins, and is often used to cover up biological contamination resulting from poor production, processing or handling practices. One of the bi-products of gamma irradiation is the production of Unique Radiolytic Products, which are a new class of chemicals resulting from irradiations that are not otherwise found in nature. Of significance in the gamma irradiation of whole plant cannabis is the potential production of cyclobutanones, which are toxic, carcinogenic chemicals that form when fats are subjected to gamma irradiation, and which have been directly linked to the development of colon cancer in rats. In addition, gamma irradiation has been shown to destroy terpenes like myrcene and linalool, which have known therapeutic properties and are found in high concentrations in some strains of whole-plant cannabis
    Green Medical

    Green Medical Active Member

    Tweed stock is dropping quickly. Get out investors quickly. The ship is sinking.
    Why isn`t this mold or mildew or bacteria being reported as to what it is.
    Who wants to ingest the secret sauce?
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    rnr Well-Known Member

    just cause they have $$$$$$$$ don't mean they have any clue about growing. growing on a larger scale is 5x as hard, I new they would struggle. 1 master grower for 30 rooms... 3 growers min per room and 10 QA people needed minimum, for the size they are.

    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    my guess is it is basicaly impossible to NOT have some sort of impurities

    i am sure they were shocked too

    this has nothing to do with knowing about growing… has to do with zero

    impurities of any kind….

    it was probably fine herb…just zero may not be able to be achieved…

    you can have all the qa people you want

    the guy can be a great grower and still have .. .00000000000001% impurities

    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    and i am NOT supporting irradiation!!!!

    just mentioning that all our own wonderful herb would fail also[ i bet]

    vostok Well-Known Member

    Someones feels they need to HIDE something, now what could that be ....?
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    ispice Well-Known Member

    You dont need to provide or produce a 100% contaminant free product. The limits in the pharmacopoeias are the same required for Natural Health Products, which are grown outside. Others are shipping product without irradiating.
    Green Medical

    Green Medical Active Member

    There are levels set out by the world health organization that we select to abide by in our practices as written in the Quality Assurance Part of the Application. They are in the parts per billion. The big problem is that TWEED brought in disease with the plants they got from MMAR patients. It is possible to start clean from seed with no disease as we have and keep it clean. It just requires a completely fresh start. I know it sounds very difficult to achieve but it is rather simple. Dandelions can only start from other dandeloins. If there is no powdery mildew to start then it will not be there till it makes it`s way in there.
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    "my guess is it is basicaly impossible to NOT have some sort of impurities

    i am sure they were shocked too
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    this has nothing to do with knowing about growing… has to do with zero

    impurities of any kind….

    it was probably fine herb…just zero may not be able to be achieved…

    you can have all the qa people you want

    the guy can be a great grower and still have .. .00000000000001% impurities"


    Speak for yourself here. :) Fare from being correct though!
    Having mold has nothing to do with growing does it? Interesting.......
    Impossible to not have impurities? really....and what kind of impurities are you thinking? :)
    None actually, unless you use bugs spray and have a shit enviro which produces pathogens,
    It all makes for one big batch of swag, which is what they are growing I'm sure.
    Truth is they have no idea what it takes to grow on such a large scale indoors. IMO
    :) that is how these business will die.

    simple deal for someone who knows what they are doing. It's a case of more money than brains but I'm sure they'll survive.
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    Devil Lettuce

    Devil Lettuce Well-Known Member

    This is 100% correct. The acceptable limits are 100% achievable with proper production practices and pest management program. Irradiation is 100% NOT NECESSARY to meet the required this type of business, it all about prevention and good practices. The vast majority of small-scale LP's are not/would not ever use any form of mentioned, this destroys terpenoids in the finished product.

    If they indeed did start with plants obtained from various sources, then Tweed was just asking for problems. With time, there will be a much greater selection of small-scale LP's that do things the proper way.
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    Green Medical

    Green Medical Active Member

    That`s right. Here all our plants came from seed and selected and selected and selected and bred and selected. Yes clones saves time in the short run but in the long run you are doomed. The only way to really clean a clone is via tissue culture.
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    Devil Lettuce

    Devil Lettuce Well-Known Member

    100% agree with you. I am a prospective small-scale LP starting to navigate through the HC application process, and my views with how to properly do things definitely align with yours and we will be starting up and operating in much the same fashion. It's really unfortunate that a couple of the mega-producers and their questionable practices are casting a cloud over things lately, it's nice to there are people and companies that are taking the proper approach. Some of these mega-producers obviously tried to take some shortcuts to bring in revenue sooner, and it's now back-firing on them.

    Cheers to you, and best of luck! :)
    Green Medical

    Green Medical Active Member

    Hey Med-Man, What does it mean pre-approved?
    This is the news on AMMCans site?
    Does that mean AMMCan is operational with plants and all?
    Thanks and congrats on the Job at AMMCan.

    AMMCan Pre-Approved By Health Canada
    - 23 Jan 2014

    We at AMMCan are pleased to announce that we have joined the exclusive ranks of pre-approved Licensed Producers
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    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    Well i am very open and receptive to being wrong…

    and i guess it is possible that some or all of you people are correct and

    any thing you guys grow would pass…

    it also sounds like there are many experts here who have tested their product in such a lab and come back totally good

    i guess i was just trying to be nice…when i personnaly do not known wtf all the parameters are
    Green Medical

    Green Medical Active Member

    Yes you are very nice to Tweed and giving them the bennefit the doubt. We all should assume the best of each other. There is an exception when the bottom line for them is money we can only assume they are chasing money. That is why they didn`t just destroy it and try again.

    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    in retrospect

    i should have just shut up and let the thread take its course ..which was not going to be pretty...

    i can learn from the experts here…
    johny sunset

    johny sunset Well-Known Member

    Taken from Health Canada's Recommended Canadian Code Of Practice For Food Irradiation

    "Irradiation cannot be used as a substitute for good manufacturing practice. Primary food production should still be managed in a way that ensures that food is safe and of suitable quality for human consumption. Compliance with the Codex General Principles of Food Hygiene and additional commodity specific codes of hygienic practice, established by Codex, requires producers to identify hazards and implement measures to protect food sources and control plant and animal health."

    What I take from that is.....if you do things right you shouldn't have to irradiate. But if you shit the bed....better pull out the ray gun. So I'm thinking....should tweed be making their clients pay full price for this inferior product or any lp for that matter?

    Jackal69 Well-Known Member

    Guess we'll see if ppl want irradiation or not if tweed folds, they way I see it since they aint shipping anytime soon either ppl will stay or move to another LP..... I personally would move

    Agracan Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Just to throw something out here and stir *ish up. AND this hurts me on a GUT level :P

    The bacon that you cook on your stove has a whole load more carcinogens and detrimental elements than herb that has been irradiated. A bit of perspective?
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