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Will you buy irradiated medicine?

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    nsbudca Well-Known Member

    You can sign with as many LPs as your doctor sees fit
    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    Only if you have a deaf, dumb and blind doctor. If my doctor tried sending me to an LP....I'd laugh and tell him I don't need no stinking LP's I've never needed them in the last 40 years...don't need em now. And laugh as I left. That's what I originally told my doctor. I said I just want to produce my own legally. He said " sure, no problem " He's a very cool guy. I always expected him to ask for never did. But did ask me to help another patient get their papers.
    IMO...doctors had their chance and blew it long ago. Now that they see extra revenue they can fuck-off. I already have weed.
    I'm done with ass-hats who think they know something about which they don't...even a doctor. I'd simply say...I don't need to you for MJ or MMJ....pfffttt. You call me if you want some.
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    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    I know this one young dude in Toronto that was getting fabulous BM weed. But he wanted to be legal. So he signed up to the mmpr and buys from tweed. He's happy and, now he pays almost double what he used to.
    I always though he was an idiot. Funny thing is he called 911 and told them he was stoned. Not sick...just stoned. They sent the cops to his apartment. He told the fuzz his BM weed was strong and he may have smoked too much. So they took it on him and left. So basically he called the cops on himself and lost a fresh ounce.
    He told me this recently when I was visiting with his Dad. He said he wanted to be legal. I said " why ". He said " so I won't get busted by the cops " I then said " but didn't you just say the police only took your fresh BM ounce and left with no charges laid " he answered " yes ".
    I said " but if your weren't legal then and didn't get busted...ummm " Anyway I just nodded yes.
    So now he's legal and pays double for schwagg and can't get busted if he tries. LMAO
    My buddy say's he was his dumbest

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    :bigjoint:that's just awesome!
    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    Storing weed it's like this when they sell thanks...[​IMG]

    cannadan Well-Known Member

    Tony The Tweedster says

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    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    Look what the goat got into....Tweeds Top Shelf Select....only....too much a gram.....
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    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member


    gb123 Well-Known Member

    The poor least he's keeping the shwag at a minimum
    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    They hired him to mow their schwagg
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    TheRealDman Well-Known Member

    Ya know letting the goat eat schwagg like that, could be considered "cruelty to animals". PETA is out there...just sayin'!
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    who 'mows' things anymore...:bigjoint: I think the term now is cut the lawn boy!

    doingdishes Well-Known Member

    you really don't like the goat do you? poor thing having to eat Twood
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    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    Holy shit...just off the Lift paid for revues page that when you smoke enough LP gits the rollovers.....yikes man....who's got this disease ?? upload_2015-12-30_19-12-56.jpeg
    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    It also affects any vehicles that have carried LP schwagg as well. ....see.....
    looky har yonder
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    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    awawaa.jpg Then sell it to saps for profit...Thanks HC

    Tweedy Bird
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    ispice Well-Known Member

    Saskatchewan Cannabis Dispensary Converts to Canopy Growth Certified Partner

    April 27, 2016

    Tweed and Bedrocan Canada Collaborate with Cannabis Health Clinic to Enroll Cannabis Dispensary Patients

    SMITHS FALLS, ON, April 27, 2016 /CNW/ – Tweed Inc. (Tweed) and Bedrocan Canada Inc. (Bedrocan) are pleased to announce that, with the help of the Cannabis Health Clinic (CHC) in Regina, Saskatchewan, they have welcomed hundreds of new patients to the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) system that were previously accessing medical cannabis through a dispensary. Tweed and Bedrocan Canada are proud to offer high quality medical cannabis to Canadians who have for years been accessing marijuana from sources outside the MMPR.

    This conversion is the result of CHC’s decision to shift its business model to a health clinic that will help people access products from companies like Tweed and Bedrocan.

    “I started out as a patient and found cannabis to be an effective treatment and then it evolved to a point where I was filling a larger need in the community, said Sean Murray, President of CHC. “Now with Tweed and Bedrocan I can help bridge the gap that exists between patients and producers. The general public needs educational resources and we want to steer people towards the system that’s set up to serve them.”

    CHC patients and customers will now have the peace of mind that comes with being able to lawfully carry, consume, and travel within Canada with their much-needed medication.

    Tweed and Bedrocan started registering CHC customers in February and will continue to onboard additional clients moving forward.

    Many Canadians have questions about medical cannabis and turn to resources in the community to find information. Tweed operates Main Street community engagement centres in Ontario and also has dozens of Certified Partner organizations that provide education on legal access points for medical cannabis. These strategies complement each other to create an environment that fosters a broader dialogue and understanding of medical cannabis and improved access where appropriate.

    “We’re encouraged by the fact that as access and product diversity improves, interest in Tweed is coming from all corners of the industry,” said Zekulin.

    Here’s to Future Growth.
    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    Blah blah blah .....I think he really means " hey we're selling more weed man "
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    GrowRock Well-Known Member

    Canopy growth tweed :spew:enough said
    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member thy self...

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