Uk legalization is on the way


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Dumfries and Galloway cannabis farm gets agency funding

Hilltop Leaf Ltd, a private medicinal cannabis cultivation and extraction business, has received support from South of Scotland Enterprise (SOSE).

The £690,000 capital investment will be used in the construction of a 11,000 sq m facility on a rural site.

South of Scotland Enterprise said it would help to create new jobs in the region.

Medicinal cannabis can be used to treat chronic pain and epilepsy. Most cannabis-based medicines are imported from abroad rather than made in the UK.

lol 2020 just going off the rails ......


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hmmmmm well its a step in the right direction but its only for medical at the moment. We already grow here and ship to the states so if they create more farms here we can start supplying here to medical users more. Then hopefully realize what wonderfull growing space there is in places like Scotland and hopefully legalise it. If Scotland had got their independence i reckon they would have legalised it, which would have been great for their economy, add in some ski holiday resorts and that would boost it too.