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Discussion in 'Organics' started by malignant, Jul 12, 2012.


    malignant Well-Known Member

    Here's your place to post about anything that raises eyebrows or turns noses, all is fair game here so long as its all natural and organic, let your freak flags fly!!
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    Da Almighty Jew

    Da Almighty Jew Well-Known Member

    aloe vera juice????

    apple cider vinegar???

    anybody use these? and how much should you use???
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    irieie Well-Known Member

    How much should I piss in my plants. Should I piss directly into the pots or should I pee into a cup and then mix it with water. I am thinking about the second route because I have trouble stopping midstream so measuring word be tough. What

    malignant Well-Known Member

    seriously, there are some people who take urine and waste very seriously and they have every right to post about their findings too, just trying to give them a place to do so, be respectful and dont be jerk, take this seriously or you may find your posts deleted.

    irieie Well-Known Member

    Sorry. Didn't mean nothing by it

    malignant Well-Known Member

    no worries just a warning to the trolls who eat this stuff up
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    irieie Well-Known Member

    in all seriousness though i have been trying some stuff that my buddy gave me its called megamator and it made by natures best in az. it is just a top dressing amendment for soil in the flower phase. so far i guess it is doing its job. when i transplanted my latest three for flower i mixed in some compost with my advanced sunshine #4 and in the bottom i also mixed some of this top dressing. then i made a tea with fish emulsion, molasses, hygrozyme, fulvex, liquid karma, and cal mag. and i inoculated it with the bush doctor root drench and other thing. the plants are loving it and this should be a great grow.

    irieie Well-Known Member

    i have heard of using aloe vera instead of yucca as a wetting agent and nitrogen source when making your own soil you can find more about it here https://www.rollitup.org/arizona-patients/540445-kelloggs-organic-granular.html
    i suggest checking out the whole thread there is some great stuff in there. :)

    1337hacker Active Member

    Aloe vera is great as an antistress agent during transplants

    WyoGrow Active Member

    I will be running a DWC tomato grow using my ow urine as the bulk nutrient.... a little wood ash tossed in once the plants starts to set flowers. I'll post results in here.
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    medical/420 Active Member

    my buddy uses his Dog SHIT on his vegible garden. and I piss/urinenate on my vegible garden. I knew a guy that would pick up road kill and thow it in a pile and let it compost and use it on his Weed plants

    malignant Well-Known Member

    that all must smell very nasty

    str8sativa New Member

    and probably spread disease ha
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    medical/420 Active Member

    blood meal , bone meal both can spead diseases, not to metion Bat guanos and sea bird poo,
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    glassblower3000 Well-Known Member

    alright here it goes (I can't believe i'm posting this) I had a dog that had a litter of pups, she had about three that died..fat bitch layed on them and suffacated them,,oh well anywho I burried them in this hole cause i had grown a plant in the hole years before (soft dirt)...the following spring I planted this cheesewreck ontop of the well composted puppy carcases...fuckin' nasty I know...I would never do this today.
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    Redbird1223 Active Member

    i knew someone who had a kid and saved the afterbirth to bring home. they buried it, planted a tree on top and called it the "Macayla" tree.
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    Kalyx Active Member

    This is a common practice in many parts of the world/cultures. My buddy pulled a quick switch this spring because his daughters tree didn't make it through the winter. He timed it right and she just thought it got a slow start that spring! Its ok IMO all life comes from death with microbes doing the magic transition! Its just like planting a corn kernel in a fish carcass back in the day.

    Instead of buying your kid a case of wine from the year of their birth, I was thinking the cannabis version would be like grow a dank plant with your childs placenta tea then make hash and save it for when you bust them toking. So this is "your hash"... and I only want you smoking the good stuff kid. Me personally I'd rather have that than a case of aged bordeau any day!

    I still have my daughters (heart shaped, rare!) placenta in the freezer, maybe I will use it to make some tea on some plants like I said above. I did pump the water and afterbirth (home birth was great!) from the puddle birth (we were gonna do a water birth but she came when it was only 5" full!) right into my tomato bed and they are doing great this year even though they got seeded late by a new dad gardener who was about one and a half months behind schedule. MMmmm homegrown tomatoes, one thing I LOVE about late summer.

    fliesandshit Member

    As some already mentioned, urine is a really great fertilizer. Here in Sweden people use it all the time, dilute it with water (1 part urine, 2-10 parts water depending on if the soil is already wet and how much nutes your plant can handle) and water. It's called "golden water". I read on some swedish gardening forum that every time you pee, you throw away like 3-4 USD worth of top grade fertilizer.

    And if you think it's gross: You don't water on the buds but on the soil. The plants don't absorb the urine, it simply uses all the valuable nutriets. Watering with "golden water" does not mean you will be smoing your own pee.
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    BigJon Well-Known Member

    So uhhh....how was teh cheesewreck?

    onlikepopcorn Member

    I use crawfish from the river up the road. I smash up about 5 good size ones for every gallon of soil. I also use alpaca manure. My total recipe is kind of eyeballed, but its basically perlite, vermiculite, crawfish, my forest mulch compost tea, alpaca manure and worm castings from the cow pasture. I used to use the cow manure, but I find the alpaca manure doesn't have as foul an odor when using indoors. I've had great results so far.

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